Im a f2p player, and have played a little when this game first came out. But haven't played since. Never got any character above level 6. So Im definitely not twinked or anything. Only have access to 28-pt build and don't have access to the VIP classes/races ... things like that. Don't know any big players to help me.

Looking to get back into the game (would consider going VIP). Due to my schedule, Id probably solo mostly but would group when time and group availability was an option.
Looking to play a melee character that can self-heal, to help with the solo ability. Was thinking either a bard or a paladin. But not sure which I should go with, and what I should splash with them (if anything).

Now, considering my choice, most of you might scream at this ... but I typically only play dwarf (yes, I know they have a charisma penalty, and both classes I mentioned uses charisma). But Id be willing to play most anything other than human (its a fantasy game ... why do I want to be human just like myself? LOL)

If you could provide any suggestions or insight, I would appreciate it. Thank you.