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    Default Solo Melee

    Im a f2p player, and have played a little when this game first came out. But haven't played since. Never got any character above level 6. So Im definitely not twinked or anything. Only have access to 28-pt build and don't have access to the VIP classes/races ... things like that. Don't know any big players to help me.

    Looking to get back into the game (would consider going VIP). Due to my schedule, Id probably solo mostly but would group when time and group availability was an option.
    Looking to play a melee character that can self-heal, to help with the solo ability. Was thinking either a bard or a paladin. But not sure which I should go with, and what I should splash with them (if anything).

    Now, considering my choice, most of you might scream at this ... but I typically only play dwarf (yes, I know they have a charisma penalty, and both classes I mentioned uses charisma). But Id be willing to play most anything other than human (its a fantasy game ... why do I want to be human just like myself? LOL)

    If you could provide any suggestions or insight, I would appreciate it. Thank you.

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    One of my favorite F2P-friendly soloing builds is the classic bard 16 / ftr 2 / rog 2. Bard provides buffs, heals, lots of skill pts, and CC via Fascinate; rog splash provides trap skills, Evasion, and 1d6+3 sneak atk for a little extra DPS; ftr provides extra feats and +1 STR enh. Plus it's a build concept which can be adapted to any race, weapon style, and PrE you want. Main drawbacks to bards are low HPs compared to the melee classes (here's where being a dwarf helps out), less SPs than other casters, and a lack of AoE DPS (apart from Cleave & GC if you go that route). Also, Fascinate is a "soft" mez which breaks when you hit a mob, so you have to be careful in how you use it, particularly if you go the 2H weapon route; otherwise you can wind up breaking all your stuns.

    Paladins are also good soloers, but not quite as self-sufficient as bards, IMHO, and they don't get the nice CC (via Fascinate) which bards do; OTOH, they have more HPs and usually better saves thanks to Divine Grace. Have a look at EllisDee37's pal 18 / rog 2 build for one example.

    EDIT: humans are generally preferred for both builds - extra feat, racial heal amp, extra skill pts, Versatility, and Adaptability are all quite useful. But you can make either class work with whatever race you like.

    A third option worth considering is Pale Master, either pure or w/rog 2 splash; again, have a look at the Pale Trapper for one example (human or elf are the best F2P races for PMs, IMHO). Fleshie wizards have a tougher time soloing at low lvls than bards or pallies: low HPs + low DPS + no self-heals early on makes things harder for a first-timer. But if you can make it past those early lvls to wiz lvl 7 - when you have PM I + zombie form + Firewall + Death Aura + Neg Energy Burst - things get a lot easier for you. AoE DPS + decent CC options (e.g., Web, Hold Person).
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    To the OP -

    In regard to your feeling about choosing a race, I feel the exact same way! I just started playing myself and am playing a dwarf rogue. Having a lot of fun so far.

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    Hmm, dwarf solo melee? I tend to prefer weird builds, so here's some off-the-wall suggestions:

    Dwarven Melee Artificer--can use wands and scrolls, and also you can pick up a repeater on occasion when ranged is called for
    Dwarven earth-stance Monk--invest in the Shintao path and you can self-heal extremely well
    Dwarf Ranger exploiter (1 rogue/1 monk/18 ranger)--Rangers self-heal perfectly well with wands even if they have minimal spell points. Pick up the Zen Archery feat for bow use and you can completely skip investing in Dexterity, just Str, Con, and Wis. This build also has access to trap skills.
    Dwarf animal-form Druid--highly self-sufficient, good DPS.

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    F2P ---> Melee ---> Dwarf ---> Solo/Self Healing ---> 28 pt.

    My opinion and in no order:
    • Ranger - Chr. doesn't matter. AA and Tempest look to come out of the Enhancement pass only slightly nerfed from what we have now. Between self-heals, wands, and potions you should make you reliably self-sufficient.
    • Paladin - Chr matters but you have to make sacrifices. Str, Con, and what you have left over, drop in Chr. LoH, self-heals, wands, and potions should make you reliably self-sufficient.
    • Bard - With the enhancement pass, may wanna stay pure. Max Chr, 14/16 Con, and the rest into Str. As you level you will go from melee to more spell caster (cc) but with dungeon scaling your melee shouldn't be too bad while solo.
    • 18 Cleric/2 Fighter (can also go 19/1) - Fighter gives you access to Martial weapons (i.e. 2HW or more importantly Greataxe). Cleric gives you awesome self and group healing and buffs Not sure how the enhancement pass will effect this build though as the last I have read your healing ability will be tied to your Heal Skill :vomit:
    • PM Wizard (Wouldn't advice 18/2 Wiz/Rog Dwarf but it would be possible) - Not technically a "melee" class but Masters Touch allows you to swing any Simple or Martial weapon in the game. Just because your spell power will eclipse your melee ability @ level 7 (or 5 depending on who you ask) doesn't mean you have to play that way. After all Gangolf did plenty of melee in the movies (not sure about the books) and you have access to Haste and Rage, two melee "must" have spells. Death Aura will keep you alive as long as you don't "bite off more than you can chew."

    • Fighter - Self-healing will be expensive (which makes playing solo harder) unless you use a Healer Merc., which can't go on raid instances with you
    • Rogue - Read Fighter, will eventually be able to use Heal Scrolls/Wands through UMD though.
    • Barbarian - Read Fighter
    • Sorcerer - Not melee; read Fighter, will eventually be able to use Heal Scrolls/Wands through UMD though.
    • Artificer, Monk, Druid, & FvS - Not F2P
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    IF you're wiling to go VIP (or purchase the class), I'm finding Druids specced for melee to be nice. Not as good at pure melee as a fighter or barb, of course, but they can cast spells, including offensive, buffs, and healing.

    If you take a couple levels of fighter (NOT at level 1....use lvl for druid to get the extra skill points), you'll get a couple more feats out of it (that you could put into TWF, for example) and access to all martial weapons.

    As a Druid you also get a wolf companion (not merely cosmetic) that will fight alongside you, aiding your melee ability. They get tougher as you level, you can train them to give them enhancements.

    If you wanna stick to f2p, like some of the other posters said, I'd go Ranger Tempest.
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    Let's see...

    - f2p player
    - Only have access to 28-pt build
    - don't have access to the VIP classes/races
    - Don't know any big players to help me.
    - probably solo mostly but would group
    - melee character that can self-heal
    - I typically only play dwarf

    I have the perfect build concept for you. I have been playing the human version of this recently, and it's super duper fun, but I originally designed it to be a dwarf. Melee with nice dps and functional, native self-healing: the 12/8 kensei cleric.

    Lemme see if I can dig up the dwarf version to link you...ah, here it is.

    On review I think that build could use some tweaks. If the concept appeals to you -- a solid dps melee fighter with self heals plus some very nice buffs (nightshield, protection from evil, freedom of movement, deathward) then I'd be happy to polish up that initial pass into a build I'd feel comfortable recommending.

    My human version -- polished to a fine sheen -- is linked here. I finished the first life and have started the second, and have quite enjoyed it the whole way. In the very near future I plan to create a build thread for it but I've been sidetracked with other things recently.

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    Ranger is definitely the build you want to go for...I think you'll find, especially solo, that Bard or Paladin is going to be soooo slow with their regrettable DPS. Tempest Ranger gives you the whole package - self heals, all those free feats, Evasion, a decent ranged backup skillset with no extra investment, and with two dwarven axes you'll put out some very enviable DPS.

    Take Empower Heal, to keep your self-heals reliable since Ranger heals scale slower, take a Cleric hire when you need one, and you'll be fine.

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