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Not another one. It does clearly state what it will provide you with. Are you trying to angle for a class action lawsuit for misrepresentation to the consumer?

It works exactly as described and still you complain.

There is no amount of giffage you can add that makes any comparison to a previous bugged item that also offered XP reasonable or justified.

You not like? You not purchase. Your many many many friends who share your misplaced and unjustified sense of injury are also free not to purchase.

You like? You purchase.

I fail to understand why some people are still banging on about this.
If the actual function of the stone within the box were known when the box was released, your counter argument would hold complete weight. This was not the case however. Precedent is achieved by continued function of this item for over a year's time. The purpose of my thread is to highlight what is a definite issue amongst those who purchased Bigby's Box with a reasonable expectation regarding it's function. It also proposes a solution which benefits everyone. Players affected could exchange the product for the one they thought they paid for. Turbine makes more profit in TP sales splitting the difference. More income allows Turbine to keep the lights on. Even for players that have no stake or interest in purchasing these items.

These are not small purchases.