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What you need to solo is a source of healing and sustained DPS. I like 18 clr/2 ftr or 18 FVS/2 ftr for a solo build that will not enter EEs. Your 12/6/2 might do very well. Getting the heal spell and radiant aura is pretty awesome for a solo build. Your DPS will not be great. My 18 clr/2 ftr was a great soloist, but he had very few SP and just didn't cut it as a party healer. The FVS should have enough healing to get reasonable groups through EH quests.
The radiant aura is great it restores it self every min or so. Has saved me a bunch of time with no drain on SP. Dps isnt great but i just got flame strike ( wucih isnt bad). Im just about to lev up which will give me bladebarrier, which i think should be great.