As of 7/4/2013, I had a cormyr... Red dragon scale robe in my inventory, locked and still new (less than 2 weeks old), on 7/5/2013 I see that on my hot bar where I have the robe icon there is a white blank spot, so I check my inventory, bank, and buyback. Still no robe, so I submit an in game ticket and I am told that I must submit a bug report on a site that does not work any more. So basicly, my FRDS robe is gone forever by no fault of my own and turbine will not fix it/replace my robe.
I am not happy about this. This is a clear case of terrible customer support, and another person dissatisfied w/turbine. I spent months grinding out EVoN, for FRDS to make the robe, in the end I even had to enlist some help from friends to collect all that I needed. I have it for less than two weeks and it vanishes and in game support comes up w/bupkis. Not cool turbine.