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    Default tomb of the tormented - now what?

    We can't direct the wargs with the meat, death aura and BB don't hurt them through the grate. didn't try chain missile. Is there any way to hurt them? I don't look forward to using 3-4 rats to kill each warg and spending 2 hours in there.

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    You can time it so that they don't get line-of-sight or the moving doors slam shut on them. However, this is difficult. If you get a rat damaged, you can continually feed it meat at two consecutive holes to heal it. The Devil (teleport) and Earth Elemental (earthgrab) summons might help, though I have not tried them for a long time... I'll have to pick up scrolls the next time I'm in there.
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    Wild Empathy works on them, unless they nerfed it within the last several months since I've been in there.

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    Wand of blasting still works, arti runearms, and any summon you can bring that teleports. (Devil).

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    Some of the Wargs and Bad Rats don't respond to meat - Others DO! {it also seems to be random which ones so unreliable in the extreme}.

    To add to what others have already said - Sonic Blast definitely works - Wands are available!

    Sometimes you can get lucky and your rat will win first time - I've seen it happen.
    BUT this is also unreliable - Usually however the second rat will take out the mob.

    Tomb of the Tormented is in my opinion... A seriously under-rated quest - Easily the BEST of the Four Necro III quests for me.
    Forbidden is annoying - Mandatory to have FoM available and {unless you can handle hirelings well} requires a minimum of 2 players!
    Blighted is a Pain in the Posterior.
    And Unhallowed is just plain Boring and repetitive!

    Tormented is an unfairly reviled quest in my opinion and I'm more than happy to Guide Rats through that maze whenever I'm online on a character in the Lvl range and I'm NOT in another Quest/Explorer Zone!

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