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    I can't stand the underlying game system changes that were introduced with MOTU -- I have yet to level a single character past 21 is how much I hate them.

    The Enhancement changes OTOH are like a light at the end of a very long dark tunnel ; and they'll return some possibilities for inventive toon creation that MOTU took away.

    Rail-roading players into certain "optimal" builds that are "best", and if you don't create toons like that you're a "complete n00b", is destructive of most players' enjoyment.

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    I always thought from the start that the enhancements pass would bring us the missing prestige enhancements so we finally could make use of the set items that supported them.
    I also thought we would finally get the tier III on all prestige enhancements.
    I also thought Barbarians would get their crit enhancements prestige line back.
    As I understood it the graphical change was a mere bonus, not something they set out for from the start.

    Some of these got in and even somewhat better then I would expect.

    All of the existing prestige enhancements and regular enhancements got a change and point wise not for the better.

    And to all the hators out there; having options is of no use if everybody is running around with the same build.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Natashaelle View Post
    Rail-roading players into certain "optimal" builds that are "best", and if you don't create toons like that you're a "complete n00b", is destructive of most players' enjoyment.
    That's called playing an mmo, nothing in the enhancment pass ends op builds or makes gimps equal to good builds. It shifts which ones are op and thats it.

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    IMHO, they nerf all classes and builds. It makes quests more challenging. I haven't problem with that. On the contrary, playing all epic quests now solo on hard difficult is strange. Probably your toons are too powerfull. Probably this is dev's main goal. Stop complain and look forward to new challenges :-P

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    Quote Originally Posted by ishr View Post
    secondly, there is the argument that it's beta and all these nerfs won't make it to live. that's the same argument they used in alpha and guess what, nothing changed. NOTHING. between the two. and don't act like bugs in beta wont make it to live, then you're just living under a rock.
    I don't expect any real changes. From what's been stated elsewhere, the Devs have received almost no negative feedback from the input of the playerbase that they are relying on (believe it or not). If that's true, I think what we've seen is what will be shipped out, with some minor bugs fixes.

    So even though we were told before Alpha ended that all prestige capstones would be equal to the power of Evasion, it appears the unadjusted capstones during this round of enhancement testings is what we'll get. If the capstones aren't readjusted, I think players could safely guess two reasons for this. One, the Devs greatly unappreciated the power of Evasion; or two, the much more scary option, Evasion will be the next thing hit with the Nerf Hammer.

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