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Why do people keep saying barbarian lost x2 crit multiplier?

Death Frenzy: Activation Cost: 20 Hit Points. Cooldown: 30 seconds. Expend 20 hit points to enter a Death Frenzy for one minute. You gain 4 strength. You increase your crit multiplier by an additional 1 when raging. Your melee weapons gain 'Greater Vicious'.(+4d6 damage to your attacks while dealing 1d3 damage to yourself per attack.)

Focused Wrath: While raging, increases the critical multiplier of all weapons you use by 1/2 when you roll a natural 19 or 20 that is a confirmed crit hit.

Looks like all 3 multipliers are still there to me.

Barbarians actually got a boost. Its just not the boost kensai got from being centered in earth stance. What happens when people complain that its lame the best archers have 6-12 levels of monk? Turbine makes it so the good fighter builds have to have 6-12 levels of monk as well.
I think that the critical multiplier from death frenzy only applies on 19 and 20 like it did before. Tested on lamannia before update 19 release.