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    Default wrong guild ship?????

    Keep getting sent to a different guild ship every time I go in portal. In a 75 guild with all plus 2's and greater resists and got sent into ship with just regular resists and +1 buffs. Keeps happening over and over. Anyone else having this issue?

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    I would suggest confirming you are on the server and toon and guild you think you are on. If so, talk with officers to see whether someone updated buff with wrong versions. If not, maybe bug report?

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    It's a rare bug, guess it's back, I see people talking about it every few months though. Not sure how they fix it.

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    I would suggest that if you are evil.... then raid the chest, think like a pirate

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    When you say a different ship, are you getting onto some other guilds ship (there was a bug briefly a while back that was teleporting people to the wrong ships) or are you just getting the bad load I occasionally do and wind up on a completely empty ship?
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