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    Default Please Unbind Heroic Commendations...

    so I have a reason to bring my healer back into FOT. Let's get these LFMs filled and not make them wait for the divines.

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    I don't agree with unbound, but bound to account would be great.
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    I agree at least make the BTA that would give people more incentive to run the raids on their alts or characters that don't need or already have all the coms that they need.

    But I think from turbines point of veiw they will be worried that people will spend less on raid timer bypasses to farm out coms? Instead players might just do what we did with shroud and other raids with unbound loot, farm it will a bunch of alts. But still the loot itself is a big reason for people using the raid timer bypasses so that will still but a pulling factor for people to use the timers.

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