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    Default Comparative price between Otto and Bigby

    This is a post showing up how the XP stone price can be higher on the Bigby's Handy Box.

    This is not a post about the XP potion non-stacking issue.

    This is not a post about how changing the level range ends up giving less XP.

    Using the boxes to get the non-pet items they have in stock, you can define how expensive the Stone of Experience is on itself. And the Bigby's stone is more expensive. (The reason to not consider the pets is because the most expensive individual pet in Store is only 495 TP, and is cheaper than any of the other options)

    Otto's Goodies: (4,995 TP)

    5 Superior Experience Elixirs (1,995 TP)
    5 Major Slayer Count Boosts (480 TP)
    5 Huge Jewels of Fortune (225 TP)
    5 Siberys Spirit Cakes (795 TP)
    3 Greater Siberys Spirit Cakes (750 TP)
    65 Astral Shards (395 TP)
    1 Stone of Experience = (355 TP)

    Bigby's Goodies: (3,995 TP)

    5 Sovereign I Experience Elixirs (2395 TP)
    3 Siberys Spirit Cakes (495 TP)
    -100 Gold Seal Elixirs of Superior Healing (795 TP)
    -25 Superior SP Potions (595 TP)
    1 Stone of Experience (310 TP or 510 TP, depending on your choice)

    My suggestion would be to add something else with the SP potions to cover the 200 TP gap. Maybe 30 Astral Shards?
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    you could use how many sov exp pots you need when running x amount of quests during y time to get the same amount of exp from just the exp pots as the stone of exp also to get a value also.

    lets assume TR2 8-16 the stone of exp gives what 2400000exp-550000=1 850 000exp
    a sov exp pot gives 3h of +50% exp so we need to get 2x the amount of exp as the stone from questing to make it only the exp pots so we want 3,7m exp lets say 1k/min to make it easy (3700 000/1000)/60 to get it in hours needed =61h.
    so divide this by 3h which gives you amount of sov pots needed to get same amount as a stone of exp on a TR2 60/3=20 stones you say 5 pots costs 2k TP points in your post ill take your worth for that so (20/5)x2000=8000TP is how id judge the value of the stone when comparing it to sov exp pots this is obviously nonesense considering you can buy it instore for 3900 using bigby. the stone is redicilously cheap when you compare it to exp pots

    what im trying to say is that valuing the stone at same value as the whole bigby pack is the me the reasonable thing to do to me a stoneofexp is worth 4k TP to me thats cheap
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