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    Default Enough with the boxes

    I get it, I really do. By packaging a bunch of stuff people would probably buy anyway, and some stuff they probably wouldn't as well, you can charge big money for the leveling stones. You're making lots of money, and who doesn't want that?

    But enough is enough. Its like the cable company that makes me buy 135 channels just so I can watch NHL games on one channel. Its transparent, and I may be the only one, but I'm over it. The first couple times I can understand. Now its just being greedy. Spending $30-$50 per tr life is not something many people can afford and by catering to those who can you are disenfranchising the rest. Can I get plenty by trading ee items to people who have more disposable income than I personally believe anyone deserves? Sure. Will I? No more.

    Put the leveling stones in the ddo store for an alacarte price. figure out what the market will bear and adjust the cost as needed. have them for whatever (read - all) levels possible, since the idea of not having PTW in the ddo store is long since dead.

    I'll probably buy some, and maybe trade for more. I'll spend more on that than I ever would have on boxes.

    But no more boxes. Not for me. when enough others see it that way maybe it will actually happen.

    (whining done)
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    Offer the stones (packaged with nothing else) in the store.

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    It's their Zynga Marketing person - haven't you heard that "boxes" are the new moneymaker for F2P MMOs? All the kewl kids are doing it O.o

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    or maybe you could just level up your character like a normal person...if you don't like it don't but, if yeah want it than buy it
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