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This is so insanely broken it's not funny. I plan on abusing the hell out of this, it'll be awesome.

Then Turbine will eventually nerf this because it is insanely over-powered and the forum nerd-rage will be glorious.

Trolling . . . it's a growth industry.
Sad thing is, even with the retardedly broken builds, I've run out of steam for making characters that take advantage of such features.

As someone I know put it, it almost seems like Turbine doesn't really know how to balance their game, what with nerfing the classes (sorcs that aren't shiradi, barbarians, clerics) that need buffing the most and introducing such broken builds as this, or several ranger builds I've been looking at.

I just don't have the desire to TR all of my characters to avoid all of the bugs so far in the enhancement pass, and completely regear and redesign just to approach my current power for the builds I have...or else making my builds into retardedly overpowered builds (which will probably be quite common in the near future).