Currently, It can be said that those spell's Max caster level may be 9(Magic Missile), 11(Scorching Ray, Frost Lance) and 20(Chain Missile, Force Missile).
but Increasing Max Caster Level dosen't affect on them. +4 Max Caster level dosen't make more rays on Scorching Ray and Frost Lanc - Their rays are increased by one per 4 caster level up to 11 level. It is same problem on Magic Missile, Chain Missile and so on.
I want to see them worked when their Max caster level increased.

For example, having Sorcerer Fire Servant gives you +3 Max caster level(Live Version), and you can get +3 more by Draconic Incarnation Epic Destiny. so Max caster level is +6, so your ray numbers of Scorching Ray spell can be increased by one to total 4 rays, but It doesn't increase ray numbers in the game.
(Or You can get +4 Max Caster Level if you got the Capstone of a Servant with New Enhancement. so you can get +1 Ray without taking ED. but I said It doesn't work.)
(also You can get +3 more max caster level by Magister. so your total increased rays can be 2[+9 Max caster level=+3 Servant,+3 Magister, +3 Draconic] but as I said before, It dosen't apply.)

For Magic Missile, You can make +3 Max caster level and get 11 level for 6th missile by Magister, but It dosen't affect.

It can be said as an useless suggestion perhaps, but I'd like to see this working.