Ok, just to preface, I usually don't do solo runs with hirelings on virtually any of my toons.

So, I'm flagging my pally for Shroud, and I've been running the quests normal, just to get it over with. I PUG-ed Rainbow, the one with the ogres and spiders, ran Coal Chamber solo, did RWTD with my buddies (oooohhh, was that a knee-slapper!). So my last one is Ritual.

I hack my way all the way to the end, find that wizard, trigger him and then realize...opps! I have to actually keep him alive! Suffice to say, hacking my way to the end fight ended up in failure - the NPC runs to erratically, moves out of range too fast (I have a DoS pally who is in-stance), and takes too much damage. It's late, and I determine that I'll pull in a hire when I tray this on the next day.

So, instead of 1 cleric, I pull in a cleric, barb, and FvS - I forget which ones - just for chuckles. I also decide to run it on hard.

It was a friggin' cakewalk all the way to the end. So now I'm wondering the following: does scaling not apply when hirelings are in quest? I mean, it seemed that I was hammering more stuff with higher hit points, but everything went down really, really quick. When I was soloing, it seemed like I was doing nothing but fighting waves and waves of casters in certain areas, but that really didn't happen with the hirelings.

I always thought that hires changed scaling. In some areas where I know that I'd be fighting three gnolls, I'd run into six of them - so it appeared that there was some sort of scaling going on. But it just went so frickin' fast that I began to wonder if the scaling only applies to real groups with real players in them.