I transferred my Jug over to Lamma to see what the new enhancement pass was like. Although I think the new version is better, I still don't see any class trees. I saw a WF tree, I saw a Battle Engineer tree, etc. I did not see an Arti tree, a Pally tree, or a Monk tree.

The enhancement pass would be a lot better if Turbine added class trees and didn't pretend that PRE trees were class trees. All fighters/rogues should be able to take haste boost. All barbs and artis should get damage boost.

What I wanted from the enhancement pass was a full set of 6/12/18 PREs for all classes. That's obviously not happening. What I want now is for turbine to group the enhancements that aren't prereqs for a current tree into a class tree. Any points spent in this tree count towards any PRE tree you choose.