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Wow what a ridiculous and defensive implication. I often wonder how many people who "dont want to carry" or who put "selective" or "know it" in their LFM's actually do so because they aren't secure enough in their abilities to risk having a lower level player or someone who doesn't know the quest.

The norm before bravery bonus was a 4 level range and we did just fine, Sure their was the occasional insecure type that would start over level and restrict the range to two levels. Kinda of a pathetic way to play a game if you ask me.
How is my statement ridiculous or defensive? By calmly explaining I don't want to carry low level toons through quests and not using accusatory language, such as you do?

I have no issues grouping with new players, or teaching quests - to players at level. I never write "selective, byoh, know it" or whatever on my lfms - but of course you have no issues with accusing me of that because, for whatever reason, you're really upset that I disagree that the lfm should allow characters 4 levels lower to be power leveled by higher level characters.

But don't bother trying to explain your position, or use logic. Just attack and make yourself look childish.