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    Default Loging in.

    Im new to this game and i've downloaded the game made an account and created a charecter.
    When i try to log in the game (To the game it self to actually play with the charecter) i get to the loading screen and the game just gets stuck and it wont get me in.
    So how can i fix this problem please help me.

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    When you first log in, there is a loading screen until you get to the character selection screen. When you choose a character, there is another loading screen. Which one are you stuck on?

    With the first one, the client is reading a lot of data into memory from several files, and this can take a long time. How long are you waiting?

    If you are stuck on the second one, maybe try waiting a bit before selecting a character. This way, the client may finish its initial loading before adding the extra work of loading your character.

    Maybe one or more of these will work, or maybe the problem is something else. If they work, good. If not, at least you can check them off the troubleshooting list.

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