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    Default thinking of multiclassing and have unanswered questions

    ive been looking for a guide that explains more on multiclassing like if u start is the first class locked in at that level for good or if there penalties for the classes being certain levels away. if there is a guide that i have missed please post the link or answer the two questions and any other information that i might have more questions about

    thank you

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    There are no penalties to multiclassing, and there are no limits or restrictions other than alignment restrictions. If you want to turn a 5 Wizard into a 10 Wizard/9 Sorcerer/1 Cleric, there's nothing to stop you, other than the character sucking.

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    Quote Originally Posted by tarzeal View Post
    ive been looking for a guide that explains more on multiclassing like if u start is the first class locked in at that level for good or if there penalties for the classes being certain levels away.
    I have to admit, I have no idea what it is you mean when you write "is the first class locked in at that level for good." I think you are asking if you can move the classes around like a stack of blocks, rearranging them at will. And, if that is what you are asking then, yes, you are stuck with the class being locked in at the level you took it.

    In other words, if you chose rogue at level 1, ranger at level 2 and paladin at level 3 then you'd always have a stack with rogue first, ranger second and paladin third.

    But, that does not restrict you in any way when you get to level four. Multiclass characters can only have 3 classes at the same time. So, you could only choose from the three you already have. But, you can choose any of them at level 4.

    So, you could choose to take a second level of rogue. Or, you could take a second level of ranger or paladin instead. What you could not do is take a fourth character class, say wizard.

    The sequence in which you take your character classes does not matter. Generally it is smartest to take rogue at L1 if you are planning on taking the rogue class. That is because rogue gives the most skill points of any character class. But, this is not required by the game -- it is just being smart in how you design the character.

    The distance between when you take another level in a class also does not matter in terms of what is required by the game. But, sometimes it is smart to take a particular class at a specific character level because of the effect it has on feat choices or on skill points.

    A lot of players prefer to take levels all together when taking 6 or more levels in order to unlock the first level of prestige enhancements. This will change in the near future because the whole enhancement system is changing. But, for now this is a common practice.

    For example, players might take rogue at L1 followed by paladin at L2 and L3. This is because a second paladin level automatically gets a CHA bonus to all saves. So, rogue at L1 for skill points then paladin for two levels for bonuses to saves. Players might then go with 6 straight ranger levels in order to unlock the first ranger prestige enhancement (as an example).

    The best thing I can recommend to you is that you download the DDO character planner. You can play around with it and see the way that taking different classes at different levels affects character development.

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