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Confirmed, our tribute module is Haunted Halls of Eveningstar.

Expect this to be at a higher level than the original module.
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In a nutshell, This is one Ed Green's works, and designed nicely for FR modules.
The original module fell short of the mark when compared to Greyhawk & other earlier campaign settings, only because most of the dungeon was unpopulated.
But that was the ONLY downside to it. I've run it many times as part of a 2nd rule set campaign, and everybody had a blast.

In defense of the work, it is a lvl 1-4 campaign, and it's really up to the DM to make this an enjoyable module.

It will fit in nicely with the continuing Faerun story arc, and development of FR content.
As referenced, "it will be of higher level" I would hope the continuing of lvl 15 content is the case here.

As usual for Faerun, expect elves (eladrin) and other over-wordly monsters to encounter.
I would hope we see some surprises brought in by the design team, as giving us this module as it was designed will be lack-luster. (sorry people, that's how it's been viewed by hard core PnP gamers since day 1)

Here's a little info & a map showing where it is;;;;;;
Adventure Background
The Spellplague wreaked havoc across the Realms—in
ways both large and small—and Cormyr was no
exception. The northern reaches of that country
brushed against the Feywild. To this day the barrier
between the Forest Kingdom and that twilit plane is
often merely a veil that parts on the whim of fate.
Fey are known to inhabit the King’s Forest, and
the people of the town of Eveningstar, to the forest’s
north, believe the strange creatures have spread across
the countryside. Offerings of bowls of milk or pots of
honey are a common sight on the stoops of farmhouses.
Hunters and other travelers of the wilderness leave gifts
of tiny bottles of spirits at their campsites in hopes of
appeasing any of the “fair folk” whom they might have
inadvertently offended.
Recently, a far more troublesome incursion from the
Feywild occurred. Hundreds of moon elves (eladrin)
appeared and laid claim to the portion of King’s Forest
near Eveningstar. The basis of their claim laid in the
fact that none used the woodland, and that it was the
location the Feywild had placed them when their
village was pulled into the world. Yet the King’s Forest
has been a royal hunting preserve for hundreds of
years. The king could not allow such a brazen theft of
his lands. Skirmishes between the two forces left many
dead, and all-out war seemed inevitable.
Yet with the help of negotiators from the eladrin
nation of Myth Drannor, the king’s men and the lord of
the eladrin reached an accord. The eladrin would have
safe passage to Myth Drannor. In exchange, the eladrin
lord’s daughter would join the Royal Court for a period
of seven years, during which she could learn much of
the world and of the ways of humanity. For their aid
in reaching a peaceful result, King Foril bestowed
upon the moon elf negotiators a gift for Myth Drannor:
the diadem of dreams. This jeweled circlet was worn
by a half-elven member of the Mages-Regal, secretive
spellcasters who schemed against the crown a century
ago. An elven work of unknown origin rumored to have
power over portals, the diadem’s return to ancestral
hands is highly anticipated.
As chartered adventurers traveling through the
region in the same direction, the PCs were conscripted
as caravan guards for the retinue carrying the eladrin
Princess Eldara. It’s traveling from the northern reaches
of the forest along the High Road to Eveningstar, where
she is due to receive a royal welcome and escort to
Suzail. Among the peasants, there’s even a romantic
rumor that Princess Eldara is to be married to a
member of the royal family.