Could we have some communication about mechanics changes? In very short order we have changed the functionality of central game mechanics Armor Class, Dodge (twice now), Spell Criticals (twice), Spell power (three times), and smaller mechanics like vorpal, stat damage, poison (twice), disease, and now secret doors, divination spells and reincarnation.

Specifically, I would like to know:

1. Are there more planned mechanics changes in the works? and if so approximately when they might hit.
2. Are there mechanics that are currently not planned for revision but are under scrutiny?
3. What criteria are used to determine if a mechanic is in need of revision?
4. What criteria are used to evaluate the success of the revised mechanic(s)?

I understand that there will always be tweaks and adjustments here and there, like the WoP nerf, but I would prefer a bit more stability in the larger mechanics of the system. Recently it feels that you guys are making fundamental changes to the game system far faster than I as a player or my characters can adapt.