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    Default wizard twist questions with new enhancements

    Currently I play a necro in draconic with 56 DC's. I have never tried shiradi and on live I don't care to. With the new enhancements I think one could potentially get great DC's and get the archmage MM. So, my questions are:
    What is the main stuff out of shiradi that make it worthwhile? Could you twist in rainbow and double rainbow for the MM SLA's and it be worthwhile to be in magister as opposed to draconic? Are those two twists where it really shines?
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    Quote Originally Posted by rabrams99 View Post
    Could you twist in rainbow and double rainbow for the MM SLA's ...
    You need Prism stance in order to do rainbow or double rainbow since they are added effects to the stance. Prism stance is a tier 2, so you wouldn't have enough twist points to support both rainbow and double rainbow on top of it.

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    The biggest things from Shiradi:

    Core bonuses give 7% chance for 2d100 force damage per spell, or 5d10 sonic damage and bonus spell power.

    -Tea with the Queen (Tier 6): Chance to get universal spell power or a bunch of PRR or a bunch of HP or XXX for 5 mins per rest. Random what you get though you need at least 40 diplo to make it worth it.
    -Nerve Venom (Tier 5): 7% chance to paralyze (with 50% stun damage) an opponent.
    -Double Rainbow (Tier 4): 7% chance of random fx (this is where you get the crazy dots and such)
    -Rainbow (Tier 3): 7% chance of 1d100 damage of random type
    -Prism (Tier 2): 7% chance to deal 2dd10 ability damage to random stat

    All the things sort of add up especially for an electric/force sorc (since electric also bumps sonic). You can twist Prsim and Double Rainbow (it shows a Double Rainbow icon with description: Double Rainbow minus Rainbow)... but in truth for EE the Nerve Venom is the big mob control effect that allows you to continually unload the rest of the damage.

    Shiradi Sorc effectiveness gets a nerf with the lack of a force/impulse crit line (unless you steal it from another class by going multiclass)... though in theory there's a new Sorc Tree coming out in Update 20 that should have this damage line.

    I'd twist in draconic energy burst if in Magister as your tier 4 over twisting shiradi stuff. The special dots of double rainbow are neat when they go off but not consistent enough to be useful.
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