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    Default 50+ Tips and Tricks

    Took a while to find this on the new forums (my old shortcut was broken). This was one of the most helpful post I found when I started 3+ years ago...

    Especially the part about buying 20 point resist potions (pots) and wands of Stone Skin in the Twelve. THAT was worth the read alone.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ainmosni View Post

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    My words of advice: in DDO it should never be about the gear you don't have, it should be about what you can do with the gear you do have.

    Play to win, play to have fun and worry about the rest another day
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    Quote Originally Posted by Doomneto View Post
    Hey all. So this is my first time playing DDO after having caught the D&D bug in recent years.

    I've been doing a bit of research into class builds and I have to admit that I'm starting to get intimidated after reading a few phrases like "anything less is a waste of a character slot" and "impossible to make X build without Y points" and "being useless to your group".

    Is min/maxing really that important to surviving in a group? Will I be doomed to be shunned from veteran/older groups just by nature of not having a proper build? Am I just overthinking things and will probably have fun if I choose any preset path? Is it possible not to re-read this paragraph in a 1930's radio announcer voice?

    Any tips and advice is appreciated and thanks in advance.

    edit: ...yeah I just noticed the new player forum now. Uh, someone should probably move this (although for the record, yes I did create my first character on Sarlona)
    Even though I don't play on Sarlona ... welcome!

    Many of those posts with "you need to be completely min/maxed totally uber blah" stem from an earlier age of ddo (plus some people still think in those old ways^^). There actually was a time where it was absolutely necessary to have an uber-build to be able to get in successfull groups for the harder epics ... but those times are now more than a year gone ...

    Nowadays, at least I, don't feel you need any kind of uber-build ... just avoid the epic-fails (like creating a half-orc sorc with 6 charisma and max wisdom *lol*^^) ... the rest of the power is more gear and epic destinies than build (so easily adjustable later on ) ... and with the exception of epic elite raiding, I have yet to encounter a quest an "averagely well built" toon cannot run ... and epic elite raiding is guild/channel only anyways ... so who cares? ;p
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    Welcome to DDO, its sucks to be new especially in a game as complicated and in depth as this one. My advice just have fun, don't worry about the people saying you need certain things their just used to things being a certain way and normally don't PUG (play with random people) very often anyways.

    Also whilst with Skill you could run around with 8 Con I'd recommend at least 14 (12 on a Drow or Elf)

    To start get your hands dirty try out a few different classes for a few levels...figure out what you like the most than come to the forums to ask on how to make that possible...hell tell people in this thread what you want to try out and I'm sure they'll give you a good idea.

    As for people "shunning" you, just know you probably didn't want to play with them anyways either they were being jerks or their play style (namely aerging) probably wouldn't allow you to have fun and skill/equipment has nothing to do with that I still get kicked from groups for dumb reasons (ie. Oh we only take WF wizards)
    Quote Originally Posted by Cordovan
    There is little value in getting into an edition debate; as with anything, we create what we believe works best for DDO.

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    Being new is awesome! I envy all the brand new content you get to explore.

    I second unbongwah's tempest trapmonkey linked earlier in the thread. I would modify it to max concentration, though, sacrificing open lock to get it. And I'd move khopesh down to an earlier level.

    For a new player friendly paladin build, see the Evasion Paladin link in my signature. (And just to toss it out there, the Necro Cleric and Pale Trapper builds are also new player friendly.)

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    Welcome to DDO!

    A couple of pointers on being new:
    Definitely be able to hear voice chat. Being able to speak back is even better, but not absolutely mandatory. Then use that ability to hear to listen to and follow instructions.

    Tell people you are new. Tell them right up front. Ask for instructions. If they kick you, bad on them. Most won't if you tell them you want to learn. You may meet your future guildies this way. Then LISTEN TO and FOLLOW instructions. Ask if that group is doing another quest if the first went well.

    When you get a little money, go buy some Remove Blindness, Curse, Disease potions. Add to that Lesser Restoration and Neutralize Poison. Then, when you get into a guild of a high enough level, you can buy guild potions in House Kundarak. Even if you can only afford 10 of each at first, these are invaluable. If you are playing a Barbarian(not recommended), you will need only guild potions.

    Ask before you call a hireling. You may need one, as many groups are going "bring your own healing"(BYOH), but ask before calling one. BYOH means potions, but if you tell people you are new, they will probably allow you a hireling.

    Healing is line-of-sight. If the person healing you can't see you, you need to fix that. NOT that the healer needs to move, they have 5 people to take care of, you only have you. YOU move to THEM. You are responsible for keeping your red bar with red on it. Not them. If you play smart, you will be their best friend. If you yell at them, you are likely to stay dead. They are real people, and this is their play time also. They do NOT get paid to heal you. They spent money to play, just like you.
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    Welcome to DDO. I wouldn't worry about the comments you mentioned. I rarely have any problems with anyone even when I join an LFM with folks I don't know.

    There were a lot of good ideas tossed around so I don't have much to add.

    - at low levels the only gear I really use is invulnerability armor (which reduces most weapon damage by 5 at low levels) and a good weapon (I find lacerating weapons good at lower levels).
    - as mentioned, I like to stock up on cure serious wounds potions and other potions mentioned

    Just like any advice, you can use it if you see fit or ignore it otherwise. As for builds, just build what you want. Tweaking your character is an ongoing process that never ends. That is part of the fun of the game.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Zillee View Post
    This is a good ranger build for those starting out.

    For Paladins, this is a great overview/guide -
    Just a word of caution:

    Both ranger and paladin are very challenging classes to play well, and very easy to get into bad habits based on the perception of those classes from pen and paper (PnP). Rangers are very powerful but!!! Archery damage is very nerfed compared to PnP (unless you put together a VERY specialized highly developed concept character like the 10k stars builds. If you focus on melee and use your bow for a) high burst damage using manyshot feat and b) killing targets you can't reach you'll do fine. Another common mistake with new rangers/archers is to draw agro before your teammates, then kite. This will run a mob around in circles making him very difficult for your teammates to target and make everyone angry.

    Paladin's have a reputation as being very poor DPS compared to other melee characters (the flip side is you are very self sufficient for healing/buffing/defense), and as such have frustrated MANY people playing one for the first time (you'll see a ton of posts about people hating their paladin life).

    Every class is good if you play it well. Multi-class can be even better if well conceived and built. Just go experiment and have fun. Remember to tell people you are new... if they don't know that many will assume a) you know the quests/strategies when you don't b) you're an idiot because you are not keeping up/not following strategy/not a great build/not well geared/whatever. If they know they'll give you pointers, explain plans/strategies, maybe even offer gear and tips.

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    Welcome to the game Doomneto!

    I really only have two pieces of advice (which I will get to in a moment). Many mistakes in character building can be corrected later by reincarnating or other means. Spells, feats, and enhancements can be swapped out once every three days for a relatively small price. Skill points and Ability points on the other hand are more important because the only way to re-arrange those is reincarnation which is much more expensive. So on to my two pieces of advice.

    1) Do not neglect hit points! This is a common mistake players make when entering the game, especially players who come from playing tabletop D&D. In tabletop D&D, you can often get away with a low Constitution score and the Toughness feat in tabletop D&D is usually a sub-optimal choice. In DDO this is not the case. I recommend a minimum starting Constitution of 14. Toughness is virtually mandatory for all characters, not because of the hit points granted by the feat itself, but mainly because it unlocks the racial toughness enhancements (which all races receive) and class toughness enhancements (if any). When leveling and gearing, always try to slot items with the best health (constitution) bonus and false life bonus possible. By hitting level 14 or so you should be able to either find or purchase on the AH a Health +6 item and a Greater False Life item. You can also find the Vitality +20 enhancement on a few items which is great to have. Related to this advice is the importance of Fortification which provides a % chance to avoid sneak attack and critical hit damage. Warforged get 25% for free. All other classes start with 0%. It is always best to have the highest Fortification possible (Light grants 25%, Moderate 75%, and Heavy 100%). Again, you should be able to acquire Heavy Fortification by about level 14 at the latest. On one final related note, do your best to be self-sufficient. Carry a stack of Cure Serious Wounds potions (as many as you can afford when you first start out and at least 100 later); they are great for topping off in between fights. If you invest enough in Use Magic Device you can eventually use scrolls of Heal as well (assuming Heal is not a class spell), which are far better.

    2) Do not min/max for only one specialization. Being a fire savant sorcerer is great until you run a quest where 90% of the mobs are immune or resistant to fire. Always have a backup! You should always have a primary DPS specialization (e.g. two-weapon fighting for rogues and monks, two-handed fighting for barbarians, elemental specialization for wizards and sorcerers) and a secondary support specialization (e.g. trapfinding/disabling for rogues and artificers, buffing for bards, crowd-control spells for wizards). It doesn't hurt to have a back-up DPS option as well, such as ranged attacks or a secondary elemental spell damage type. DDO offers incredible potential for customization of characters and does not in any way force characters to be one-trick ponies; indeed, such one-trick ponies will be far less useful in groups. A rogue who can only do traps is often a burden as much as a fighter who can only tank.

    I hope that helps. Welcome again to DDO!

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    Default Don't sweat what the elitists say

    Those same people that say what you are quoting won't ever play with you anyway, because they are too good for you.

    My first character was built completely wrong, yet I still play the 28 point build in the end game. Remember, the player behind the character is the true superior being, if a player needs everything perfect, with all the guild ship buffs, they probably will fail when the least thing goes wrong. I always enjoy listening to those players complain after they die and their guild ship buffs are gone, because they have zero self sufficiency.

    I will assume that you are a F2P player. This means you only have human, elf, halfling, and dwarf. For classes you have wizard, sorceror, cleric, fighter, paladin, barbarian, ranger, bard, and rogue.

    I also will add my .02 for using a Ranger as a starting class. A dwarf ranger. Rangers can heal themselves with Cure Wands. Have good self buffing spells. Can sort of put out some damage per swing, or DPS. I enjoy playing my dwarven rangers. When they hit 6th level they get multi shot with a bow.

    If you want to play with others, build a healer cleric(human or dwarf). Max wisdom on the character. You will be fine and you can find lots of groups. Many groups still need clerics. Once you get high enough level and have blade barrier, your healer cleric is actually a VERY offensive cleric and is very good for soloing. Beware of nerfs coming with the new update though.

    Wizards and Sorcerors(exception Warforged race which is P2P race) are good classes, but for a new player they are very squishy and you will die a lot(which some players do not consider fun). You can probably add rogue in here also. A bard is still squishy, but a bard does have cure spells.

    I am currently playing on Sarlona. Here is my offer to you, I will be willing to help you out with gear on whatever player you have or I could play with you and explain what little I understand of the game. I have tons of gear for low levels as I am a hoarder. At this time, my lowest level character is 5th level, in order for me to be able to play with you it would be best if you were 2nd level or higher.

    Welcome to the Game. Sarlona is known as the Chinese server because many of the players are Chinese. They are also very good players, but tend to play in a zerg mode at all times.
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    Quote Originally Posted by arkonas View Post
    yep i stand by this completely. I watched a guy in tempest spine talking about how he did this much damage and had 101 reflex but low dps. (2 different toons) Im just like ok um i really don't care. What does that have to do with having fun. Someone was asking some build questions at the time. he kept pointing them to min/maxing. I also pointed out if you do that for one you tend to rely on others to keep you up. Some need constant heals. That might not be a good toon to tell someone new.

    So yeah i would rather someone play a ranger/pally etc then a min/max person who might develop im better then you attitude. my toons might not hit as hard but i can usually self heal to a point and i still do pretty decent damage. So to me I'm having fun. Being the best can be fun just don't ruin it for others. imo of course. just how i feel.
    yep I agree it's all about fun though one key advice I give to everyone building a new character try to have about 14 con or higher and some way to self heal at least a little. everything else will work itself out later but hitpoints and some self healing go a long way.
    i really don't recommend any of the pre-built paths you are almost better off doing it wrong in custom and starting over after a few levels when you figure out what is impotent. i had to remake my first guy something like 4 times before I got it to the point i was having fun with it. course this was a loooong time ago lol still think most of the fun in the game is building it the way you want and making it work to have fun.

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    Quote Originally Posted by shadowowl View Post figure out what is impotent.
    I absolutely love it when a typo still conveys the same message as what was intended.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Doomneto View Post
    Hey all. So this is my first time playing DDO after having caught the D&D bug in recent years.

    I've been doing a bit of research into class builds and I have to admit that I'm starting to get intimidated after reading a few phrases like "anything less is a waste of a character slot" and "impossible to make X build without Y points" and "being useless to your group".

    Is min/maxing really that important to surviving in a group? Will I be doomed to be shunned from veteran/older groups just by nature of not having a proper build? Am I just overthinking things and will probably have fun if I choose any preset path? Is it possible not to re-read this paragraph in a 1930's radio announcer voice?

    Any tips and advice is appreciated and thanks in advance.

    edit: ...yeah I just noticed the new player forum now. Uh, someone should probably move this (although for the record, yes I did create my first character on Sarlona)
    lemme tell u 1 thing:

    lies, lies and more lies


    1st veteran/older groups won't let u in by default, the lfm will say something jerkish like know it/have XXXhp/name puzzle

    etc, so don't worry about grouping with em, hey if they pug is their fault, they should have lerant at this point they have no rights over "who joins to that raid i didn't form"

    2n everything was viable before, with new enhancement pass even more, only for EE quests/raids (where they won't allow u in, or no one will join ur pug because they don't know u) there are some shiny builds, they are min/maxed over the min/maxing, mostly dps/self healing, hardly gear dependant, tome dependant, etc etc if lack somethinf of both won't be able to succeed in most situations, because these builds are based on tomes and gear

    3rd ok, u know everything is viable on epics u will do(on eh with epic destinies, on en no need to, but if u have epic destinies will be like god), now on heroic: elite at lvl is hard for everyone that doesn't know the quest/mechanics so you don't need to build a toon for elite at lvl, hard is a nice challenge for starters, if nobody in group knows the quest i would go normal, also casual can be easily soloed(with some practice, keep in mind you're starting)

    4th now u are supposed to be more relaxed about how stressing would be starting ddo, so you have 2 options: have fun, build your toons with your rules(for example i love soloing, so for me having a high selfhealing capability isn't a need, can pop a hire and do quests w/o trouble, this way i can focus on dps) or build your toons with other's rules, whatever you do, keep in mind having fun

    5th hp, my 1st toon was a cleric that had 210 hp at lvl 20, with 10 starting con (think i wasn't even wearing a +6 con item lol) and without toughness, don't underestimate the power of pain, learning with pain only can make you stronger, so don't worry about screwing your toon, when you hit 20, you'll be able to tr again, this time much wiser than reading wiki and forum during ages, because u'll have learnt with pain (in my case, what i learnt is that i don't need to grind gear during months for using during the tr, i'll get my gear during the lives, this way i'm in my 21th life and have 400hp as a lvl 16 halfling rogue, 14 starting con and no toughness<---- 120ish hp come from gear)

    6th multiclass, that may sound weird to you, but i would avoid multiclassing on 1st life (unless you take some build from somewhere) the reason is quite simple: multiclass = multi stat needed = 1st life has really few starting points = less min/maxing (i'm a fan of min/maxing, i'm not happy if i don't dump at least 2 stats XD ) as a 1st life that min/maxing may save ur ass: clr go wis+con, wiz go int+con, sorc go cha+con, druid go wis+con, arti go int+con, these simple setups are focused on having some hp (1hp/lvl isn't a big deal, but u won't have gear, so will be better than nothing) and having some dc(again 1 dc maybe isn't a big difference, but w/o gear is a good point to start)

    7th gear, the power you get from gear, can be reduced from starting points/enhancements, there're some "magical" numbers where having more value simply doesn't worth, for example having a 35 dc on elite is low (39 is almost no save, always talking heroic lvls) however in hard could be called excessive, so aiming to it, and reverting the dc calculation, we can deduce than:

    35 dc = 10 + lvl 9 spell (heighten is a must, and being able to cast max lvl spells is useful too when not having pl or gear) + 2 feats(spell focus and greater spell focus) + 2 gear (now u can get at least 1 from random gen) + ability mod

    that means your ability mod is 12, so your casting stat is 34, reduce 4 from lvl ups (we'll think at lvl 16), 6 from stat item (pretty easy to find, even in the auction house), 2 from enhancements of your class, 2 from tome (you'll get one with 1750 favor) and 2 from ship buff

    that leaves you with 18 casting stat at beginning, but for hard is too high so u can start with 16 w/o troubles

    8th think in the far future, is the real goal, so you can build your toon knowing what must have, with that in mind is much easier to create your build

    PS: sorry for the wall of text
    psykopeta - hoarding pl, for the sake of hoarding, the day i become ubercompletionist will be because there isn't anything to delay it more - thelanis, where the gimps claim to be pros and noobs claim to be pros, no newbies allowed(unless they claim to be pros), we have enough drama w/o them. PS i'm not a pro, maybe if i reincarnate in RL...

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