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    Default Wizard race enhancement. HELF or Drow?

    Hello. I read that drow is good for wizard in the new enhancements system because it gives +2 to int (plus +2 from drow race).
    I read also that HELF gives human adaptability that is +1 int and, a second human adaptability +1 int (they stack?), +1 from dilettante intelligence and +1 intelligence from action boost usage. It is correct?

    So, Drow give +4 (+2 from enhancement and +2 from race) but give also -2 to constitution.
    HELF give +3 or +4 intelligence (if the two human adaptability can stack; someone can confirm this?).

    I ask an advice: what race will be better for a wizard, considering action point expenditure? Thank you.

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    The human adaptability enhancements cannot both be taken in the same stat, so no, they don't stack.

    Someone will jump in here eventually to tell you that the advantages of being a warforged who can heal itself with repair spells far outweigh the dc advantages of either humans or drow, at least for archmages. So i might as well tell you that now.

    Personally if you are trying to max dc's, drow seems like the best choice to me, especially after the enhancement pass. Just make sure that you have the ability to keep yourself alive covered in one way or another.

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    Points spend in the tree and spellpower tiered to points spend in class trees means that you are being hurted a lot when you invest in racial tree over class trees. Human is a great race for wizard in the new system because is a solid race without enhancements, and you can obtain +1 int with only two APs. The one autogrant racial enhancement is good too (the spellpower boost) Halfelf can’t compete with human. Not useful autogrant racial enhancement, dilly meh for a wizard (human feat is better) and not extra skill points.

    Drow is ok too. The -2 con hurts a lot (and pale masters in new system have less hit points), but he has +2 int in creation and +1 for enhancement. I don’t think that the second +1 int is ok for 4 APs cost. You have to get the spell resistance one before, and 4 APs is a lot. Is better investing in class trees.

    I think warforged is the best race now. They can selfheal and the archmage is the best tree now (this tree has ALL the general wizard enhancements that all wizards need and the original wizard capstone; and heighten metamagic reduction is in tier 5 of archmage ¬¬), and warforged can to buy the skeletal pet without spend 8 APs for ONE shroud useful. Fleshies pale masters are screwed with this system.

    But for fleshies I think human is the best race. Drow is good too, if you have enough hit points. Halfelf, meh; the dwarf is better (better saves and +2 con) Elf is not sense in this system. Elven Arcanum needs 5 points spend in the tree; elven wizards are a dead way.

    Today I will TR my elf wizard to a human wizard because I don’t like robotic wizards. But the warforged wizard will be better than the fleshies.
    English is not my native language. Sorry for the mistakes.

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    If this is going to be your first wizard I would suggest going PM. The good selfhealing of Palemaster starts later compared to WF but it's a no brainer in most cases and you can concentrate more on your wizard duty. I have a drow PM, WF AM and bladeforged sorc and WF have the better self heal if massive damage is incoming, but that won't happen very often unless you are soloing EEs and the deathaura is usually strong enough so that you don't even need energy burst in most quests.

    Sometimes when I play my PM I wish I had the strong repair of a WF, but more often when playing my WFs I miss my constant heal of death aura(especially when stunned or tripped).
    I also saw WF PMs, so this might also be an option to have both(not at the same time though).

    And about your DCs... it shouldn't be too hard to get the DCs for epic hard as a first lifer(with the EDs) and don't think about getting the DCs for EE. I know wizards who are able to CC very well in EE, but when I see what feats and stuff they had to invest and still need several debuffs on the mobs to be able to achieve that it's not worth the time unless this is one of your favourite toons.

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