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    Default Spinner of Shadows poison...

    Over the weekend I was in a group doing Spinner of Shadows on elite. As I was killing the little flame eater spiders to get the crystals, I kept getting poisoned. The poison was doing between 110 and 182 points of damage per tick.

    I kept running back to the flame in the center to get rid of the poison, but I still died once because I just couldn't keep up with the healing (I was using CSW pots on a level 18 monk with decent healing amp, getting around 45-55 points per pot).

    Did the Spider Demon Venom (or whatever it's called) get a boost recently? I don't recall ever even noticing being poisoned in that quest before. I'm sure I have been, but the damage was so minor that it never made an impression on me. This time I had to run for the center pretty much every time I got poisoned.
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    Sounds like you got hit with 2 or 3 stacks of the poison, honestly.

    1 stack does about 30-40 points of damage as I recall.

    Proof against poison 10 is about the only way to mitigate a tiny fraction of the damage done.

    They really need to make proof against poison items also resist value * 3 damage of poison. Such that a PaP +10 would resist 30 pts of damage, a 2 would be 6 pts. Instead we have a PaP +10 resists 10 pts and nothing for the rest.

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