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    Default Wolf Form Critical Threat Profile: Now Hard-Capped?

    Winter Wolf form: 19-20 x3
    Improved Critical: Bludgeoning
    Main weapon: Sireth, Spear of the Sky(18-20 x2)
    Today on Lamannia(enhancement pass beta). using Sireth Spear of the Sky in bi-pedal form(non wolf), crit profile is 13-20[with improved critical: bludgeoning, staff specialization(+1 crit range for staffs), & pulverizer(+1 crit range for bludgeoning weapons)]. In wolf form I am hard-capped at 17, regardless of enhancements. On live, I am able to reach 15-20 crit profile in wolf form with Sireth. I also tested in wolf form with other staffs with varying crit profiles and could not eclipse the 17 barrier.

    So I guess my question is: is the 17-20 crit profile "supposed" to be a hard cap on live, thus my exceeding it on live is a bug. Or is the lamannia enhancement beta creating a new bug? Any one else done any testing or have the same issue? Thanks in advance.

    *FYI: bug report already sent & was responded to(via bug reporting tool)*
    "The report you have submitted here was done via the "Report a Bug" form, which will not necessarily result in a timely response or resolution to your issue. On the "Report a Bug" page, this information is reiterated for your convenience. While we may investigate reports submitted via the 'Report a Bug' form, QA cannot resolve individual or character issues in game or on the forums."

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    I have a 9/9/2 build on live also.

    As far as I've always understood it, the weapon you hold while in wolf form is only supposed to carry over its effects and not its crit profile or damage type (slash/blunt/punc etc). (This came up in questions on the old forums many times). So no matter what weapon you are carrying you should always be a base 19-20 x 3 crit range (before feats). Every single weapon I've equipped on live has not altered this otherwise scimitars would give you a 15-20 crit range while in wolf form which Ive not seen happen. (although, Ive never had a sireth so maybe that's either bugged or a special case)

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