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    Thumbs up What weapons do you carry?

    I have recently re-jigged my main toons weapons around a bit here and there and it got me thinking to what other people carry so I thought why not start a thread and we can all share here is what mine is currently carrying:

    2x Earthshatter Warhammers.
    Epic Elite Tortured Livewood Bow.
    Epic Elite Greataxe Of The Chained Soldier.
    Cleaver, Hewer Of Suffering.
    Sireth, Spear Of The Sky (I freakin' love this thing it's awesome!).
    +5 Holy Burst Maul Of Undead Bane (Cannith Crafted AML20, just a place holder until I get round to making a Triple Positive GS maul).
    +6 Ghost Touch Greatsword Of Acid Torrent (trying to get rid of this by getting a Ghostly item such as Ghost-Waking Cloak).
    +5 Holy Burst Silver Greataxe Of Greater Evil Outsider Bane (Cannith Crafted AML20, a weapon collection would not be complete without a Harry Beater ).
    +5 Screaming Maul Of Everbright (Cannith Crafted AML20, ooze and rust monster beater).

    I will probably replace Tortured Livewood Bow with Pinion once I can get it but other than that pretty happy at the moment.

    What you are you guys carrying


    PS - This is not about showing off or epeen or anything like that it's simply a matter of curiosity as to what other people carry in their arsenal.

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    Default artificer

    I'm an artie, so I carry Needle (for basically everything), GS weapons: Rad II, +++, Lit II (for TRing), alchemical: fire-earth-fire, earth-earth-earth, water-water-water, and earth-earth (for TRing).

    And Archaic Device, mainly.

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    I carry way too many weapons

    I recently reduced the weapons I carry on my THF Bard.

    Now on my Bard (level 25) I carry the Epic Antique greataxe and use this for the majority of mobs. I carry a Terror for oozes and rusties. A Triple Positive Maul for Undead. I also carry a Min II returning hammer. I used to carry a lot more but found these 4 take care of all my needs on my bard.

    I need to do the same sort of thing on my fighter and my rogue (both currently level 25), because I have waaaaaaay to many weapons on both of those. And then I have several more weapons in the bank for TRs.

    My Rogue is the worst being a TWF assassin.
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    I carry entirely too many on all my toons.

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    Ranged character: Needle, Pinion, various green steels, Sireth (for Ki).

    Monk: Antipode, Epic Wraps of Light, Grave Wrappings, Unwavering Ardency, and hopefully Pinion...

    Wizard #1: Twilight, Staff of the Petitioner, Necromancer's Staff and +10 Doom Finger of Epic Spell Making.

    Wizard #2: +3 Major Necromancer Scepter of Spell Penetration IX and Wizard's Ward (off hand), Staff of the Petitioner, Necromancer's Staff, Dream Piercer, Pinion and Sireth. (May be should TR this to something else, like a sorcerer, eh?)
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    My main has entirely to many weapons she wants to carry at all times.
    Due to inventory management, and available bank space she's currently got this stuff:
    (off the top of my head.. I'm probably forgetting stuff.)

    Pinion, Cloud-Piercer
    Epic Elemental Longbow of Earth
    LitII Longbow
    Bow of the Silver Flame(I want my seal damn it!)
    Alchemical Longbow Water/Water
    Sireth, Spear of the Sky
    Skybreaker, Hand of the Stormreaver
    Drow Longsword of the Weapons Master(Tendonslice 10%)
    MinII Longsword
    LitII Longsword
    Epic Fury of the Flame
    Alchemical Khopesh Air/Earth
    EE Allegiance
    Agony, The Knife in the Dark
    EE Adamantine Knuckles Slotted with fire/cold/acid
    Antipode, Fist of the Horizon
    Slavers Hand Crossbow with Tira's Splendor
    lvl 24 Wraps of Endless Light
    Lootgen Force Burst Handwraps of Smiting
    Drow Khopesh of the Weapons Master(x2) Combat mastery, and stunning +10
    Araphina Skycrow - 15Paladin/3Ranger/2Fighter (Life10/25) 5xRanger, 3xPaladin, 2xMonk
    Araphell - Arasin - Arathaes - Arawyn - Aravein
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    Is this only for level 25's?

    If not, here is what my third life ranger 17 carries right now (not all at the same time):

    GS longbow of ooze (main weapon)
    GS triple-fire rapier
    GS Healing Amp 60% dagger (not really a weapon)
    GS holy/shocking burst/holy blast longbow (borked item, still useful)
    GS triple-earth light pick (mostly summoning clicky)
    ML 14 Axe of Adaxus
    Envenomed Blade
    Night's Grasp longbow of Greater Aberration Bane (best random loot I ever found)
    Thundering longbow of Greater Ooze Bane
    Crippling (festival frost) longbow of Greater Chaotic Outsider Bane
    Holy burst (festival frost) longbow of Greater Undead Bane
    Pair of Disruptors
    Pair of Banishers
    Pair of Smiters
    Pair of Ooze beaters
    Longbow of Smiting
    crafted Holy burst silver rapier of Evil Outsider Bane
    crafted Anarchic burst longbow of Greater Incorporeal Bane (most incorporeals are lawful, especially Cholthullz)
    crafted Axiomatic burst byeshk battleaxe of Chaotic Outsider Bane (for Xoriat hounds and renders)

    My bard 24 (Virtuoso, neither TWF nor THW feats) carries following:

    Epic Elyd Edge
    Blade of the High Priestess
    Min 2 longbow
    Slicing winds falchion of Disruption
    Something adamantine mace of Smiting
    Some kind of skeleton beater, forgot what exactly
    Several casting sticks
    Occasionally he carries Epic Cutthroat's Smallblade with crystal of Demon's Ruin; it does not run down if stored in shared bank
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    Default way too many on my DPS

    My DPS characters have way too many and I am trying to wean myself off of them. Back in the day you were nothing if you did not have a pair of disruptors, a pair of smiters, a pair of WaoP, a pair of banishers, and a pair of paralyzers. Then, you had to be ready for when those did not work. I loved curse weapons until I had them dotted, then changed, but those were nerfed so I am able to get rid of most of those. Luckily, Turbine keeps making some weapons obsolete so the decisions are getting easier.

    My Sorcerors and Wizards only carry around five weapons anymore. Whatever I am specialized in, spell penetration, and a returner of some sort when I am just perching, which Turbine is trying to eliminate, perching that is. I do not play my casters as melees, they are supposed to be destructive from afar.

    I like playing healers for my main soloers, my clerics and favored souls only need devotion and a potency weapon. Spell pen is nice, but I am fine with that. And a returner of some sort for when I just don't have to heal anyone. I am very worried about what is coming and how bad my favorite classes are going to get hammered.

    Druids need a dart and some scimitars and some everbright weapons. I am just discovering the druid class even though I bought it last year.

    Rogues only need a few, but since I treated them as DPS for so long, they have way too many.

    I created a bard/rogue in 2007 that is a Heavy Repeater user. This was way before artificers were created and hardly anyone played a repeater character. Finding Heavy repeaters back in those days was impossible, and if you came upon one that was sort of cool, you hung on to it.

    Another major problem I have is that I Icy Bursted so many weapons that I have a hard time getting rid of them since I guess I am a weapon hoarder in my fantasy life.
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    Dunno, but I almost exclusively use an Agony, Knife in the Dark in my main hand and Epic Midnight's Greetings in my offhand.

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    My first two melees carry a metric ton of crafted beaters. It's comical.

    My more recent alt is a THF kensei fighter, and his weapon selection is blissfully minimal:

    Epic Antique Greataxe
    Triple-positive Maul
    +5 True Chaos Adamantine epic Maul of Greater Construct Bane (just for Maruts/clay golems. eAGA is better vs constructs)
    +5 Screaming epic Maul of Everbright

    That's it; that's all I need. Such a nice, relaxing weaponset.

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    My weapon list is kinda short too. I usually try to carry one single all-around purpose weapon (or set for TWF), one or two debuffing weapon (paralyzer or destruction, or whatever), one construct beater, one undead beater, and one ranged backup weapon (or one melee backup weapon for ranged characters).
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    My list is short:

    Silver Flame Healing potions
    Heal scrolls
    Assortment of various pain removing potions
    Raise Dead scrolls
    Major Mnemonic potions
    ~50 pairs of handwraps
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    Quote Originally Posted by brian14 View Post
    Is this only for level 25's?
    Not at all, I just started off with my capped guy since he was the one which are been re-worked. I actually have two main toons I play the other being a TR on the hamster wheel atm

    Quote Originally Posted by brian14 View Post
    GS longbow of ooze (main weapon)
    GS triple-fire rapier
    GS Healing Amp 60% dagger (not really a weapon)
    GS holy/shocking burst/holy blast longbow (borked item, still useful)
    GS triple-earth light pick (mostly summoning clicky)
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    Quote Originally Posted by TheLegendOfAra View Post
    My main has entirely to many weapons she wants to carry at all times.
    Same here.

    Generally though, when my TWF toons hit level 12+ they carry a Vorpal (of something suffix) in the primary hand and a Paralyzer (of something suffix) in the off-hand for general use. Then I usually get either a Holy Burst (of something) and/or a disruption weapon set for undead, smiting for constructs, and then a pair of good elemental/bleed DPS weapons (such as Festival Icy Burst Boreal of Lacerating or Caustic of Hemmoraging). Then I always keep a pair of bludgeoning Everbright weapons for oozes.

    That usually makes for about 5 weapon sets, not including ranged stuff, which adds one or two more.

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    o well lets see..

    alch wraps (air-air-earth)
    +4 banishing wraps of the tyrant with festival burst
    +6 desert sand wraps of smiting
    wraps of endless light
    GS shuriken (holy-acid) for stoneskin mostly

    Pinion (1d10 shock slotted)
    Epic shatterbow
    Sireth (1d10 shock slotted)
    wraps of endless light

    eSoS (good/+7 wis slotted)
    Skybreaker (1d10 shock slotted)
    +4 forcefull greatsword of disruption
    +5 desert sand greatsword of smiting
    Needle (pair with Chill of Winter)
    Silver Slinger (pair with Hand of the Tombs)

    Twilight (magnetism version with 114 recon slotted)
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    Epic Antique
    x3Pos Maul (good blast version)
    x3Pos Falchion (30% hamp version)
    Stout Oak Walking Stick
    +6 Coruscating Spelltouched Throwing Axe

    And a bunch of stuff I rarely use
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    All of my characters carry the same basic functional weapons. I set up my hot bars as close to the following as possible to make transition between characters simpler:

    1 - Primary weapon set, highest dps weapons. Usually slashing or piercing, depending on Race and Class
    2 - Bludgeoning weapon set for skellies
    3 - Fire/acid weapon set for trolls
    4 - Everbright or other weapon set for oozes, slimes, rust monsters, and cubes
    5 - Ranged weapon set, except my AA which uses this for his melee set
    6 - Metalline of PG weapon set, or a similar type of weapon as a boss beater
    7 - Banishing weapon set
    8 - Paralyzing weapon set
    9 - Ghost touch/disruption weapon set
    10 - Smiting weapon set

    While I usually carry an Anarchic weapon set for maruts, especially VoN 3, I don't normally have it on my weapon hotbar because that set is limited, highly specific use.
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    THF +manyshot pure fighter:

    eBow silver flame
    eElemental bow of earth
    Cormyrian falcion (life stealing)
    eFury of the Flame
    Healing amp gs morningstar (i use this offfhand for scroll healing self)
    x2 Quarterstaff, x1 dwarven axe, x2 morningstars GS displacement clickies.
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    Once I get to 25 all I need 99% of the time are.

    2 Balizardes
    2 Celestia
    2 Nightmare
    1 Pinion

    Bow of Silverflame for FOT.

    That's really got everything covered.

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    I'm a TR junkie. I typically carry Carnifex, AGA, a +1 holy greataxe of undead bane, and a muck bane/mucks doom set up till level 11 or so.

    I switch over to a triple positive green steel weapon and a SoS when I get the chance, and I don't replace them till 23 when I get the epic hard greataxe of the chained soldier.

    I usually have some sort of everbright weapon kicking around somewhere. I craft whatever I can get by with that's ghost touch when I know I'm going to need it, but I drop ghost touch at 11 and replace it with ghostly gear. Harry beaters depend on the availability of an arti with a silver buff in the party.

    I have tons of weapons kicking around, and I usually carry seven or eight at a time, but I typically dont use anything other than the Carnifex, the SOS, GS, and the chained soldier.
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