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    Default Can't access some trees on multi-class?

    I'm hoping someone can point out my stupid mistake, but it seems like the tree selection UI is broken. I rolled up a Bladeforged Ranger 12/Fighter 6/Pally 2, but the Kensei and Tempest trees aren't available in the dropdown selection. I tried "blanking out" all of the trees, reseting all trees, but couldn't seem to get them to appear. Am I missing something about the way this is supposed to work?
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    Hit the arrows on the left/right hand sides of the panel. They cycle you through.

    Hope that helps
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    Quote Originally Posted by Cetus View Post
    Hit the arrows on the left/right hand sides of the panel. They cycle you through.

    Hope that helps
    Now that there are 6 tree possibilities it seems that some are added way on the End. I even had blanks in 3 and 4 with the last two occupying 5 and 6.

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    Quote Originally Posted by HAL View Post
    Good thing the whole point of this exercise was to simplify the UI...<rolleyes>

    I mean honestly, if someone who has been around since the beginning can't figure it out...
    hehe .... been here since launch and still trying to figure out the OLD system .....
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