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Thread: Guild loyalty

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    Default Guild loyalty

    Hello all.

    I was wondering about Guild loyalty the other day - more specifically how long people stay in a guild and why they may want to move on.

    On the very rare occasion that I PuG my Cleric I always check my "Friends" list as theres a couple of people on it who griefed me pretty badly (to the extent of even sending insulting tells after i dropped group (prior to this event i PuGged quite a lot)) - I have noticed these people have changed Guild a few times in the last few months and I got to wondering if people regularly change Guilds or these people are getting booted from Guild for poor behaviour

    I have been with the Guild I am currently in for 3 years this coming October and cant imagine moving on after making so many friends and acquaintances. Very few people have left the guild in that time.

    Are you a long term Guildy who's stayed with the same guild for years because of friends?

    Do you like to Guild hop regularly to make new friends?

    Are you a Guild leader that has booted people for poor behaviour?

    Any thoughts, comments or stories welcome.
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    I have been in three guilds over my DDO life.

    The first was a bunch of people I had pugged with regularly for a few weeks. I went on a break soon after, and was kicked from that guild when I came back (no, I don't blame them).

    The second was again some people that I found myself pugging with. Or at least, grouping with a handful or two of them almost all the time. That guild split up, I don't even remember why, and the group I ran with started their own. I've been in that third guild for several years now.

    The two first guilds I was in were too large and impersonal for my taste. They were, in hindsight, not the right choices for me. I think others may also have to run from guild to guild a few times to find a place they really fit in.

    Our guild doesn't really boot people. Some have been AWOL for years, others take breaks and come back. They still have a place if and when they feel like coming back.
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    My first guild was me and 3 other IRL friends, we made it when we started playing DDO, but we left the game.

    I later came back and found a new guild that I've been in ever since. I only concidered leaving once when a group of long-time players from the guild broke off and wanted to make another guild since our guild master at that time had stopped playing, however I stayed with the original guild and they left on good terms.

    On the subject of booting people: We've always had a referal policy when it comes to invites, meaning that we aren't actively recruiting (Putting up lfm's or spamming harbor/market general chat). We invite people that we've run with that are fun to have in a group, so we've only ever had to kick a handful of players, not counting people who has gone inactive.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Ryan220 View Post
    Are you a long term Guildy who's stayed with the same guild for years because of friends?
    hmm, with every toon i have i get guild invite in hrabor without asking for it, I always accept, and stay in that guild, i have no friends there, usually all are offline when Im playing, but I stay in those guilds, harvesting them renown, if they have ship I use buffs sometimes....

    Do you like to Guild hop regularly to make new friends?
    nope, i leave guild only if my frineds create new one and invite me there

    Are you a Guild leader that has booted people for poor behaviour?
    Im leader in 2 guilds, but I kicked just 4 players, due to inactivity for halv year

    Any thoughts, comments or stories welcome.
    One guy gave me his guild, he was leaving coz as he said ''Im not good leader''. i tok the guild coz it have great name for my half-orcs it was empty, so now I have my own orc guild just with my 3 orcs but any orc is welcome there

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    I have been in 2 guilds during my stay in DDO. My first guild booted me without even telling me why I joined another guild and have been there a year and a half or so, and am now the guild leader. We have built up a kind of community and I intend to stay there. So far I have not had to boot anyone for bad behavior, only for months of never logging on.
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    I was in three guilds in my first 3 months as I explored the game back in 2006. I've been in the same guild ever since.

    Not that the guild doesn't change. We splintered, remerged, merged with other guilds, people quit, people joined, etc. I enjoy playing with both the old players and the new.

    I have oddball hours of play so I still pug a lot and I've come to know people and voices and names from a number of guilds, but the reality is my current guild still feels like "home".

    I suspect that if the guild ever fell apart or I was ever kicked from my guild that would be the end of the game for me.

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    When I first started DDO, I played alone. Was rough to play a CLR way back in the day. But one day, joined a pug with a couple people and played my CLR as I always do. After a couple of Quests with these couple people, I was invited to join. Not because I was a CLR, but how I played, treated others, and the type of person I am.

    Time went by and I rose through the ranks. After many years I was eventually given leadership.

    I still play the same, hold the same values, and seek out people that do the same or play the same. Some six years later, I still lead. May sound odd, but I still am the 'moral center' of the Guild. Still populate the guild with people of similar values, playstyles, and goals. It makes for more of a family atmosphere then a guild. Works for us and do not seeing that change in the next six years.

    I do not Guild hop, nor do my members. Created an atmosphere where they do not have to. They have a home.

    Yes, I have kicked people for poor behavior. If they represent themselves poorly and my extension myself and other members, they have no place with us.

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    I have been with my guild since I started playing. I am rogue, so when I saw someone with a rogue-friendly guild name, I asked and was accepted. They are very nice people, and they help each other. I wouldn't dream of breaking clan. These people comprise my in-game home and family.

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    When I first started playing I joined a guild that is from my country,got to lvl 10, then I took a brake and they kicked me, I didnt say I was taking a break.
    Second guild I dont remember how I joined, but left fast.
    3rd guild I joined when I put lfm that Im looking for guild over lvl 30, then guild leader invited me and Im in this guild for 2 years now and Im not leaving.

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    Question dilemna

    When I was a newb, I was invited to join a guild b/c I played w/one of their best players frequently. The leader was a complete jerk, so I quit (he sent all kinds of apologies after, to his credit, but I didn't rejoin) and joined a large one. They were fantastic players, but I had to take a month off and they booted me, with the option to rejoin when I returned. I totally understand that as in those days guild renown was dependent upon players being present.

    At this point, I started a guild with a friend. He soon quit to start his own and I began inviting others - we've had as many as 24 active accounts, but that has dwindled to 6. I boot people who don't log in for 8 months or so, just to keep the guild roster clean.

    Now I find 2 guilds trying to recruit me - they're fantastic players I've run with on occasion. I'm kind of torn since I'd personally do better in a guild with a higher level airship and amazing players, but I enjoy having my own guild.

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    Default I'll be with my current guild for the forseeable future.

    I couldn't bear the posts on FB from the guild leader.

    She'd make me feel so guilty, lol.

    Seriously though. It's not a perfect guild. Which is just fine with me. Perfect is boring.

    It's a small guild with a tight-knit group of players that became friends over the years.

    The only way I'd leave, is if the entire guild migrated to another guild.

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    Default December 2012


    I started my DDO journey in December 2012 and have been in several guilds. I try not to rely on ship buffs and play in the worst case scenario. This has helped me become a better player in many areas.

    Since I don't rely on the ship buffs, its more about the people for me. I have allot toons in various guilds. The bigger guilds are too impersonal for me. My favorites tend to be the smaller ones.

    To all my new friends and guildlies in DDO thank you! I really enjoy this game and you make it great. If you ever need a hand send me a tell and I'll be there as soon as I'm able

    All the best,

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    I've been in a few guilds over the years here in DDO, and I only left 2 of them willingly for a different/better suited guild.
    The first guild I ever joined, Korthos Army, was just.... Wow. Heh Words can not even begin to describe that thing.

    I only stayed there for a few months before joining a guild named VENOM. I loved that guild, and I still play with some of the members, and am pretty good friends with the currently leader. It's nice to know that if anything ever happens and I need a new home I've got one waiting.

    After a year or so stay and VENOM, I left to help a different group of friends with a series of small guilds that were essentially troll parties, and while fun at the time it didn't lend well to actually getting ahead in the game, So I left that for beloved Guild of Won. Spent about a year leveling the guild from 75ish to around 85ish, was a small group of close friends and we did very well for ourselves. I was the co leader of this guild for about 6 months or so before I took a 4 month break from DDO to go travel in Japan. When I got back I found that drama had ensued after my break, and the guild had been disband in a very messy fashion, leaving our members scattered and some had even quit the game because of this.

    After that I floated around a few months guildless looking into different guilds I'd join and finally settled at Fors Fortis.
    We're a small guild with about 20-30 players, we just hit level 83, and we're halfway to 84 already. It's a very nice active and friendly place, and I love my fellow guild members who are all amazing people, even if they are mostly stuck in TR land and can never help me with EE's.

    All of this is on Argo of course.
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    Current guild is my friend and I and it will probably stay that way unless more real life friends join.

    Was in a guild on Devourer, didnt really play with them much (timezone difference) only joined as my IRL friend joined

    When we moved to the US servers in a couple of other guilds but then we moved to G land
    where all our Euro trash was going so was booted from them for inactivity.

    It my friend leaves I will carry on the guild.

    We finally have some ship buffs worthy of the name and you cannot pass on the 50 slots of holding from large guild chest

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    The problems with guild is that, as a member, you cannot control the way the guild is going and the kind of players that is getting in. A guild (more so large ones) evolves and sometimes it's not the way you wanted and you don't feel "home" anymore. Could be players, rules, activity or whatever but as a member, if the guild is taking a turn you dislike, you're only option is to leave or face it.

    I've played MMOs for 15 years and I've always been loyal but for some reasons, in DDO I just can't seem to find a home with players that are alike both skill and personality wise. So I've been guildless for a long time, then joined a large guild which I ended up leaving to ceate my own. Now i'm in a guild for no good reason other then (im an *******) ship buffs... J/K just followed a friend there. But sometimes it's not even the buff themselves (I could easily live without), it's just you get tired of asking other for an invite when everyone takes that "buffing" break.

    I'd say there are alot of different kind of people in this game (which plays for different reasons and also get their fun out of different ways in-game) for not that much a big total. Maybe i'm wrong but if I pug (and I open a LFM for mostly everything that I run now) we rarely end up with 6 people that get along and that has the same goals as in the way they play (optionals, breakable, speed of execution, name it). Gotta love laid back players in those TR trains.

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