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    Angry Chat server unavailable... Again. Again. Oh, and again.

    Really getting sick of this bug. Before I thought it was me, but I've done everything that's been suggested to fix this damn bug. I'm now convinced that this is something to do with the game.

    For those of you who aren't tracking:

    (Error): The chat server is temporarily unavailable. Please try again shortly.

    I'm at my wits end. Give me some advice on how to make this stop occurring like, every other time I log in to the game. Please.

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    If you haven't tried this already, try:

    (Close DDO)
    1. Go to the Documents -> Dungeons and Dragons Online folder (may vary with OS)
    2. Edit the UserPreferences file
    3. Scroll down (or Ctrl+F) to the [Net] heading
    4. Change the value of UserSpecifiedPort to 9000 i.e. 'UserSpecifiedPort=9000'
    5. Save file and close
    (Restart DDO)

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