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    Default Unable to castl Fire arrows.

    Check almost every vendor i could find and none of them had masterwork ammo on them to use as a regent for the spell. Don't know why this isn't discussed more, but it makes the spell unusable as by the time i can cast the spell the only bolts dropping are typically +1. Big oversight. Put in a support ticket and I haven't heard anything about it. If you know the obscure vendor that sells them please post here.

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    You can use normal arrows. Iirc you can buy them at the weapon shop in harbor.

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    The regular arrows the Halfling general vendor sells in the marketplace also work just fine with it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Mastablasta77 View Post
    Don't know why this isn't discussed more, .
    maybe because no one uses the spell?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ddodoesitagain View Post
    maybe because no one uses the spell?
    I use it occasionally on my ranger when I'm about to go into a Wilderness area. Using a +5 frost longbow of PG (I know, not the most uber bow...but hey, its a wilderness area). Fire+Frost+PG=More damage types=faster kills.
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    Yeah they should really make this spell work again in public areas (like Summon Arrows for AA, respectively) and just make the arrows BTCoA and non-poofing.

    You can stack enough of the arrows in a quiver to last you a good while, at 50:1 even just a stack of 250 Arrows will yield you 12,500 Flame Arrows, let alone 400 or 1500 for the bigger quivers - so I'm not too worried about sourcing the reagent. But having to summon them every time you enter an instance (as opposed to AA summoned arrows) is an annoying repetitive step.

    Its not like its even a high-level spell, where forcing you to slot it before entering a dungeon is going to mean you don't get to slot some other useful spell. When the easier option is just to go to the AH and buy a bunch of stacks of Xoriat Elemental Arrows, which are the same damage and persist between zones, you've made your spell pretty much obsolete.

    They should really make it work with any non-enchanted arrow (so, any plain "+X Arrows" but not "+X Arrows of _____", so that you can use it with looted arrows). They should also copy over the CL progression from Druid's Flame Blade spell:

    +1 Flaming (caster level 1)
    +2 Flaming Burst (caster level 5)
    +3 Flaming Burst, Flaming Blast (caster level 10)
    +4 Flaming Burst, Flaming Blast, Blinding Embers (caster level 15)
    +5 Flaming Burst, Flaming Blast, Blinding Embers, Incineration (caster level 20)

    Being able to add 1d6 fire damage is negligible by midgame, let alone endgame. Being able to add 1d6 + extra on crit, a chance to blind, and another ~10 average damage proc keeps it worthwhile at endgame. Plus it would really give some incentive to going pure, or at least pure enough to hit CL20 with any bonuses.

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