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Thread: WTB few things

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    Default WTB few things

    as title says i am looking for few shinies
    Greater Convalescent bracers of superior parrying with slot (colorless)

    Globe of True Imperial Blood

    I can offer:
    EE Dream Visor
    Seal of House Avithoul 7dex
    EE Helm of Black Dragon 8dex

    Guild slot items:
    Large: gogles , gloves , cloak x2 , light leather armor
    Medium : ring x2

    Larges,Aboout 20 Red scales 5 Green ones,some scrolls and some Timer bypases

    Alchemical weapons: Heavy crossbow,Heavy shield,Heavy pick,2xSickle,Longbow,Sceptre

    and ...Kargon's Tasty Hams !

    PM me here or meet me online (most of the time on Elenbril )
    Thanks for your time.
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