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    Default Want to trade for Collector's Edition code

    well I got the code but here is stuff I do have and would consider trading for raid timers, other items or plat.

    EE Blue Dragon Helm +8 Wis
    EE Giant Siberys Compass X 2
    EE Intricate Field Optics Wis +8 (Prot +7, Insightful Wis +2 slotted) [Equiped would need to trade via ASAH]
    EE Belt of Seven Ideals
    EN Jeweled Cloak (Con +6 slotted)

    Planer Focus of Erudition +3 Cha
    Staff of the Necromancer
    EE Madstone Skull X 2
    EE Silver Ingot Arcanum
    EE Copper Ingot Arcanum
    EE Bronze Ingot Arcanum
    EE Wizard's Ward Orb (Corrosion 120 Version)
    EH Ironwood Khopesh

    Drow Rapier of the Weapon Master (stunning +10 version)
    Nightmare Rapier of Virulient Poison (+6, Nightmares, Poison Burst, Con Poison), BTCoE

    Blade of the High Priestess
    Sacrificial Dagger (STR poison)
    Sacrificial Dagger (DEX poison)
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