I am going to make a few past lives on a caster character. He has 3xWiz, 1xSorc, 1xClr and 1xFvS past lives and some good items for most levels including access to a ~130 level cannith crafter. I would like to flesh out his caster past lives 2xSorc, 2xFvS and 2xCleric - I guess in that order.

Eventually, I want him to be a DC caster (wiz or sorc) concentrating on enchantment and necromancy - in hopes of DC casting being brought up to speed in the new expansion. I tried shiradi AM and while extremely powerful it was also extremely boring and single-purposed.

Any ideas for good builds for sorc, fvs and cleric? Last sorc life was fire savant until Necro was done, then frost.