my main issue with the Racial Trees is that they look great but then we lack in our class skills if we take the racial Trees. especially consider how the difference between the current and new system work. let's consider AA's for a moment who I thing are getting the extreme short end of the stick here. Frist you have to spend a whole 14 action points just to open the tree, then you are battling with the tree because you are not going to be able to come even close to that afterward. in the current settings you are not forced to take anything except for feats that you want to begin with if you are going AA. Next thought is that if you want the enhancements that are in the last tier you have to spend 20 points to get them unlocked then another 2-6 depending on what you want to do with them. that is almost 1/3rd of our action points that should be going to help us excel as our class, not just as our race.
so all in all, is this worth it? some would say yes, most say no. I feel that most of the race enhancements will be left at the wayside because to many people are having a hard enough time balancing out our AP between classes. there are already people saying that they won't take race enhancements already because of the lack of SP in the current set of tress. this is a really good idea, but we are having a terrible time stretching our AP out as it is. now we have more available in terms of racial enhancements that it's spreading us out to thin.
Here are some ideas:

1) add more AP to the game. I know that this is asking a lot, and probably not that possible either, but it seems that we are getting more and more levels and better gear, but our action point pool is not getting larger to help us with those higher levels. just a thought.

2) find some way for us to get class AP AND Racial AP that are spent separately. Keep that class system the same, but maybe every 3 ranks we get we get a Racial AP that's spent strictly for the racial trees. is something like that too much to ask? consider if you did that you could extend the racial trees a bit more, or if you gave us say 40 AP (I know, now I'm really stretching out far here) you could add another tier to the racial enhancements and make them quite worth it.

mostly what I'm saying here, is that yes, these trees look fantastic, but it's cutting into our class AP to much so they may as well just not be in existence because not very many people are going to be willing to put even some points into the trees.