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    Default Critical bug - The Lords of Dust is broken - incompletable

    Lords of Dust on any difficulty appears to be incompletable; Gnomon, his drow companion, and his cultists are all gone. The DM text will play, but nothing happens. As such, you CANNOT get to the Forgotten Realms via normal means as a result of this bug.

    other bugs:

    Dogs do not attack, and do not move - seem to be stuck.

    The first altar that you should run into is missing.
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    Yeah, just ran into the same problem on Epic Normal.

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    Just found a work around for this bug so cleansing altars and the end fight can be accomplished.

    Bring a hireling or pet and have them open the doors before each altar room and the end fight (DON'T SMASH THEM). I did this with my artificer today and I used my iron defender to open the breakable doors. Tried this multiple times and it worked.

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