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    Default Unavailable enhancements not red boxed?

    Given that we're only 7 weeks from this going live, I don't think there's anything wrong with being pedantic with the new enhancements.

    So why is there no consistency in which enhancements are red boxed? To my mind, because I haven't taken a single Core ability to open up either a racial or enhancement tree on a brand new level 1 character, shouldn't everything be showing as red boxed?

    For the stat increase enhancements, why does the first Tier 3 have a red box but the Tier 4 that has the Tier 3 as a pre-req doesn't?

    Why would you only red box the first enhancement in a chain?

    If you don't have the class levels to be able to take an enhancement then shouldn't it be red boxed regardless of where it appears in a chain?

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