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    Default Functioning Secret Door detection to be borked?

    Yup. So, all those characters that cannot find secret doors without a clickie, won't be able to find secret doors again.

    Since secret doors will now scale as the quest gets harder, I see a future where the same can be said for feather falling and underwater action items.

    The farther you fall, the more you will need a higher level feather fall item. Don't have one, you can buy one at the store. This will also work as people take more damage from falling and if they survive the fall with their weak feather fall item, they will need healing. If the character dies, then it will need a rez cake from the store.

    Underwater action items need to be changed so the deeper you go or the longer underwater you stay, the more you will need a higher level UW action item. Dying underwater will add a new dimension as people try to find your soulstone while they are worried about their UW action item not holding up. Again, luckily, the DDO STore has a semi solution.

    My two ideas are even better than borking the functioning secret door detection process we have now.

    Yes, these are three items I have never thought that I needed in the game to make the game play more enjoyable. Right up there with cosmetic pets.

    Don't know what I am talking about, here it is from Purplefooz.
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