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    Default what happened to kargons profile?

    im a huge fan of the legendary kargon and since few people have even heard of him nowdays i enjoy linking his bio whenever someone asks me who he is. problem is almost all information about kargon seems to have been lost in the mists of time... most profoundly i miss the "monster profile: kargon"...

    is there any possiblility to restore this glorious piece of DDO history?

    i found this old post by him which should give a hint about how he was, even if i cant find his bio anymore:
    cannith's original naked halfling

    member of the tribe called zerg

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    The guy we cut up to make all that ham out of, obviously. He was big.

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    Quote Originally Posted by DynaTheCat View Post
    Kargon was a funny barbarian PC that came to Stormreach about 2006. He was a hameister and loves bestamest ham. He loves tasty ham so much and one day when the tavern owners and waitresses switched the tasty ham to smokey ham around him he complained loudly and raged.

    His rage was famous. Tasty Ham

    I even have some of his left over ham stored in the Kundarak Bank Vault some where; and still bug free after all these years.

    With Great Power Comes Great Responsibility

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