Hey folks I am rather curious as to what the needs are for Arcane Archers in terms of Dexterity, I know obviously that DEX is used for to hit rolls but where is the point when it becomes pointless to push DEX further up. I assume that all archers end up only missing on a 1 due to BAB and other boosts/bonuses so hence the question. This is something that me and guild buddy have been talking about and he has challenged me to make a build which does not rely as much on DEX as the "common" builds do/did.

My thinking is to bring DEX down to a base of say 14 ish and max out STR and put all level ups in it to since this will affect damage rolls for both ranged and melee attacks so to me it's win-win, obviously I don't want this to be gimped but just curious if it could be done.


PS - I know bows can use DEX for damage I am trying to get the most of out the Bow Strength feat here with this build idea.