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    Default it seems some of the enhancements still cost too much

    the enhancements who have 3 tiers should cost 1ap for each tier...
    unless there is some kind of consistency with current live enhancements...

    for example: improved power attack... 1+2+3ap on lammania 2+2+2ap fine... even if not "frontloaded"
    but some of those enhancements shouldnt cost 2ap per tier...

    also the most likely "universal" and not tiered enhancements should stay at tier 1 and 2 so someone hasnt to waste ap just to get what he wants...

    i am fine for having 1 sneak attack enhancement for each tier, what i dont like is seeing many "special flavor enhancements" very restricted in scope, being placed on tier 1 and 2 ...

    if some very specific enhancements exist, they should be put further so character build with that flavor could take them, instead other kind of characters could invest more in other enhancements without having to waste ap on specific scope abilities...

    for example... if someone doesnt want to use a shield you shouldnt fill up a tree with require shield or based around shield enhancements, especially at tier 1 and 2...

    in the end if the most generally used and less specific enhancements are put at tier 1 and 2 people could have more breathing room in spending those precious and limited ap

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    I think that generally all ofmthem should cost 1 AP, maybe except the higher ones..

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    I think it should be like epic destinies: 1 AP for 'tiered' abilities and 2 AP for single abilities. Usually an enhancement with only 1 tier is of a higher quality or an SLA/attack, thus it costs more.

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    Some examples:

    -Kensei tactics are overpriced, 2AP for 1 tactic is robbery.

    -Halforc THF weapon damage enhancements are overpriced

    -Half orc Action boosts are overpriced as well - only when I grab all THREE does the cost stay the same, but if I want to grab 1, I lose an action point because on live the first tier costs 1 point, and on lama every tier costs 2 points. Make them 1 point each, its not that big of a deal.
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