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If I were going to make an iconic challenge farmer I'd probably go with a 13/2 bladeforged sorc.
That's what I did pre-U19; Air Savant w/fire & ice spells (and DDoor, natch). Only drawback is all the lightning-resistant/immune mobs in Extraplanar Palace. Were I to redo it, I'd probably go Fire primary, Air secondary. I also thought about sorc 12 / FvS 2 / pal 2; losing lvl 7 spells kinda hurts, but having Scourge + Just Reward just might be worth it, particularly in the ones w/no rest shrines. I also experimented with sorc 12 / monk 2 / pal 2, the idea being to have some melee DPS + Tensers to deal with weaker foes (or just for fun); I went Earth Savant, just to be different. Part of why all this works so well is the ML:12 & 16 Cannith gear is darn near perfect for a BF sorc: master artifice (SPs + Recon), wind bracers (Blurry + Lightning), cloak of flames, and/or rock boots.

I'd also be tempted by Shadar-kai rog 2 / wiz 14; with Eldritch Knight on the way, maybe I could work in half-decent melee as well.