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    Default Defensive tree AP costs reduced a bit.

    Defensive trees cost less now, but still feel more restrictive than Live.

    On Live a Defender of Siberys III stance gives: +40 PRR, +150% Threat, +3 Saves, +20% HP, +6 STR, +6 CON and +40% AC
    On Lamannia a Sacred Defender stance gives: +25 PRR, +125% Threat, +3 Saves, +20% HP, +6 STR, +6 CON

    Admittedly on live you get less PRR and less threat if you aren't Sword and Board (SnB), there is no mention of this being the case or not on Lamannia, but given the last pass absolutely requiring SnB for the defensive stance, it is fair to assume that the described bonuses factor in using SnB.

    There is the benefit that to get DoS III on live you have other pre-req's that you must spend AP on...26 AP all together.
    • Paladin Defender of Siberys III (4+2+2=8ap)
    • Paladin Bulwark of Good III (1+2+3=6ap)
    • Paladin Resistance of Good III (1+2+3=6ap)
    • Paladin Toughness II (1+2=3ap)
    • Paladin Armor Class Boost I (1ap)
    • Paladin Courage of Good I (1ap)
    • Paladin Focus of Good I (1ap)
    • Omitting the Faith Enhancements as they are becoming feat based.

    However it is fair to point out that many of these bonuses can still be picked up, so if we want to look at equality -- do the same benefits have the same cost?
    • Sacred Defender 19AP (1ap for initial stance, 18ap for improvements)
    • Bulwark of Good 3AP
    • Resistance of Good 3AP
    • Defense Boost (2+2 for pre-req) 4AP
    • Reinforced Armor 6AP and 10% more AC than DoS III
    • Toughness, Courage of Good, and Focus of Good are not in the defender tree... but not really needed for comparison.

    26 AP on live vs 35AP...

    Feel free to point out anything I'm missing, but the defender trees don't seem to be coming out ahead with the enhancement pass, which is unfortunate.
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    Yup, the only way to be a tank/defensive toon with the new enhancements is to splash monk and use defensive strikes. Ftr and Pally defensive lines are awful.
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    Thumbs down what about fighters?

    I know that you are looking at the Pally line but I see the same issues on the fighter line a loss of many things.. and also I've seen a reduction in the available Max Dex Bonus that I have on live.
    live, you get 3 armor and 3 tower shield dex bonus, then add 3 more tower shield bonus from the PE themselves, and I think 2 more MDB for heavy armor again from the PE.
    Lama land, you only get 3 armor and 3 tower shield MDB.

    My drow fighter was based on a dex build. I would hate to have to change it. (I really like my reflex saves)

    next is that I imported my dorw fighter into lama land and found after I spent all my AP that I was 20(+) PRR less then I was on live. not good, I want to see this fixed.

    on the up side you did reduce the AP cost for the tree in general since the last testing session. good to see, I still think it a little steep on the MDB enhancements and the ones that increase the amount of AC we get from armor and shields.
    Deves I hope you are seeing this.

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