So what the hell is going to happen to Cannith Crafted stuff like True Seeing and Detect Secret Doors since they are both not clickies they just work all the time? New players do not have these straight away and I still remember struggling in the Water Works to find the rares hidden behind secret doors because I could not search them since my skill level was to low.

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Most people just min/max str/con/dex and dump int, because skills were mostly pointless...
Speak for yourself. I have at least a score of 12 on all my toons at creation due to wanting skill points, even my fighter started with that since I wanted Jump (10 full ranks), Intimidate, UMD and Haggle bearing in mind it took me months to get that since I started on a 28 point build, no tomes or anything. I even GR'd him once to convert him to a 32 point build and then LR'd him since I had gotten INT tomes. Skills are still useful right now so I see no need for this stupid change at all. Turbine concentrate on the ehancement pass and then expansion pack once you have done that fix the damn bugs in the game that have been here for years and stop messing with stuff that actually works!