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    Quote Originally Posted by SqueakofDoom View Post
    I was wrong. Lamannia will be available later than today. However, we need to start preparations for the Shadowfell Conspiracy Closed Beta soon, and we will need to bring down Lamannia to do so. Note that those participating in the Shadowfell Conspiracy Closed Beta will have continued access to the Enhancements.

    Additionally, because I have to write up the next (and certainly not final) Enhancement Feedback Report on Wednesday, I will still have to close the Enhancement surveys early Wednesday morning. I know that there are a lot of surveys currently available. I would appreciate it if you would at least Rank the New Enhancements and fill out the General Class Enhancement Survey and General Racial Enhancement Survey!

    Thank you!
    Well, I'm a sucker. I took the time to fill them all out again. Fooled me twice, shame on me.

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    I will burn in forum hell of doom or this, but I must

    lot of (10, 20 or 50?)people are dooming and say thah nothing changed on enhacements from alfa. Do these people know how many people are playing DDO, how many of them tested alfa on Lama, how many of them sended surveys, how many of them was positive and how many negative? Maybe things wasnt changed becouse there was 10.000 posivite surveys vs. 500 negative? have you ever thought about that?

    to be clear Im not attacking any one, just wonder how many people see things just from one point of view.
    I tested lama, sended surveys. if what I didnt like will be changed, I would know I wasnt alone. If not, I would know I was in minority and will live with that
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    Quote Originally Posted by Cleanincubus View Post
    ^ +1 Not many changes made to these new "updates" to the system. If player feedback really doesn't mean much, and the Devs are just going to do what they want regardless, please just say so. I've seen thread after thread of players who share the same thoughts on the system as me, and none of the major changes were made. Pretty pointless for me to fill out surveys with the same information and gripes, if they are ignored. I'll consider filling out another one when things are actually changed.
    I agree. Seems little if any of our input on this new game of DDO was implemented. All my current builds cannot be reproduced under the new system. Every character I have, currently at 12 actives, will have to be remade to fit into the new DDO. All the time and research, and the four years I've spent learning to build characters in the old DDO will be mostly wasted once this new system goes live.

    I've given up hope we'll see any real changes to the existing system as presented. I've seen enough during the past several years to realize once something goes to Lama, that's pretty much what we'll get, bugs and other issues notwithstanding.

    I feel great sadness that this system, which could have been a wonderful revamp of the current enhancements, will change DDO so thoroughly and completely. I am considering whether it's worthwhile to continue playing a game where I have to re-learn four years of build knowledge to develop characters that can be as effective and enjoyable to play as the ones I have now.
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    Default Monk: My feedback.

    1) There is a bug where you can take the "core" abilities, then back out the points from the other trees (on mage at least) and it doesn't grey back out, your core abilities. It doesn't give you the abilities, just graphical error.
    2) The Flash bang blind/stun egg just does not work in the ninja spy tree... I've tossed dozens of them, and with a DC55 save, nothing... not once... has ever failed a save. ever... Wait!!! A CR1 deer failed only the blind! NO stun.
    3) The added stun damage to the ninja spy tree seems... ... ... misplaced. If you're going to give poison on crit, and all these short sword bonuses, then LOCK OUT stunning fist on while using weapons. Maybe you put it there to force a choice, or force weapon swaps... But I just see it driving people/keeping people away from using weapons on the monk.
    4) The poison stance doesn't work with vorpal strikes. The tool tip says, it does... but, not so much. (Must have some way of doing slashing/piercing damage)
    5) Way of the monkey only gives +6 total resist, it reads like you'll get +8 but you don't.
    6) When I throw a flash bang, at deer, and other non-agressive monsters... it tosses it in CRAZY directions... But only at certain ranges, and some times. (Hard to reproduce, but It's done it several times.)
    7) When you reset a tree the costs just go up, and up, and up, to silly levels. I think it should be capped at like 20k.
    8) Agility says +3 to reflex, and dodge cap <-- CAP, my cap is still 25% on my character sheet. So, it's visual, or not working.

    Overall I LOVE the new system for the monk. It adds a lot of versatility.

    The blind egg could be cool, has a long cool down, and I spent the extra points for the "extra" dc, for nothing apparently. The ninja poison is a great idea. I can't see it offsetting the stun damage, but I MAY switch to swords on red names who cannot be stunned, to get the extra damage that you lose with stun. Pretty cool, not over the top. The bonuses to throwing is sweet, I think it stacks up for a big bonus to range on monks, but, we'll see.

    Few more tweaks and it will be a very welcome change. (I still don't see monks using anything but fists because of the loss of stun... if you fix it so ANY monk can stun, empty handed or not, then that will change.)

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    Nothing has Changed from the first time you released the enchantments the cleric tree is still all messed up.
    I am disappointed in the amount of bugs that came this time along to please fix.
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    Quote Originally Posted by demonikillu View Post
    Nothing has Changed from the first time you released the enchantments the cleric tree is still all messed up.
    I am disappointed in the amount of bugs that came this time along to please fix.
    And I see there is no spell power damage/crit damage line still. And saw the nerf to lore effects on items. I wonder if they changed the major arcane lore from the upgraded blue armor. Any feedback on this?

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    Just found big error.

    Hello Devs,

    Loreick and Fawngate had an interesting conversation last night as we compared our stats.

    Loreick is a Warchanter whose Charisma was well into the 50s.
    Fawngate is a casting Favored Soul whose Wisdom was well into the 40s.

    So we began comparing our characters.
    Loreick's song expired, taking 2 charisma away.

    Loreick has +8 Cha and +3 Exp Cha item
    Fawngate has +7 Wis and +2 Exp Wis item
    So there is another +2 difference but nearly enough to merit the huge gap.

    We both had a Globe of Invulnerability.
    We both had Completionist.
    We both started at 18 in our casting stat and increased it with each level up.

    Then we compared Capstones:
    Bard capstone grants +2 Cha
    Favored Soul capstone grants +2 Cha

    Then we compared Epic Destinies:
    Bard Fatesinger provides +2 Cha
    Favored Soul Exalted Angel provides +2 Cha

    Neither one of us used the epic destiny right side straight +1 stat increases.

    Wait a minute why is the Favored Soul capstone and Exalted Angel
    boosting Cha when everyone wants to boost Wis to help with spell DCs???

    So, a bard song, level 21ish gear instead of 25 along with a glaring
    error in class design yielded a huge difference between our most important stat.

    Perhaps while we are examining the enhancements, could we please change
    all Favored Soul +2 Cha capstone/epic destiny boost to be +2 Wis instead?

    Thank you,
    Fawngate of Khyber

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