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    Default Forum names all fixed yet?

    Hi Devs,

    Have the old name /new name reconciliations been completed yet? Just want to make sure mine's in the queue and hasn't been missed. And yes i did put a ticket in.


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    putting in ticket was the problem. I didn't put in a ticket and it was fixed.
    unless you mean getting new name with old join date and/or post counts.

    I have old name, old post count and old join date. For all purposes it *looks* like before forum merge except i have to log in a lot more often (eww) with game credentials (eww) but that doesn't touch on this topic
    Amazing, they actually managed to fix forum account post count and stuff without me bug reporting it!
    O.o there is hope out there yet!

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    I put in a ticket and during the period for name update fixes mine was fixed to allow me to log in with my old credentials attached.

    If you made a new account, you might need to open a new ticket to get your old account and new account merged for login purposes.
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