I take back my comment about shennigans but can't edit my post.

This box could definitely be viewed as nicer if the XP bonus stacking wasn't known by the person making the comment. That's what I believed happened here. The XP elixirs and lower price are definitely nicer.

I also see why Turbine made such a change. I would appreciate an official comment from Turbine that the old Otto's boxes won't be nerfed because the xp stacking was known for a long time and some of us (me) made the Ottos box purchase after the issue was discussed on the forum for months so it appeared to be WAI the last time they were sold.

Anyhow I am picking up a few of these boxes. I would just like to know my other boxes won't be nerfed because I am saving those for epic TR. Otherwise I'll just use up those boxes before they are nerfed.

Thank you for the great job you do QuartermasterX.