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    Default Still Having "Time-Out" Issues

    This insanely short "time-out" issues is really starting to annoy me. From what little I have kept up with it on the fora (sorry, "forums") it seems that it MAY be realted to running IE.

    And contrary to what many believe, running something other than IE is *NOT* a solution (it is, at best, a 'band-aid' fix). Like it or not, IE happens to be one of the most used browsers around. And if the...well meaning HTML coders who set-up website would bother actually testing for display/compatibility issues with older versions of IE (yes - that's right - I said it - OLDER versions of IE. IE8 is NOT "that" old, people...), then maybe - just maybe some of us would have fewer issues with things like: short time-outs, automatically logging-out when a new tab is opened, not being able to EDIT older posts, having buttons that actually work, and "compatibility views" that actually make the view WORSE by 'moving' the navigation buttons in a vertical column rather than keepiong them in the rows at the top of the page, having grey background while entering text (instead of white, like it should be), etc.

    Of course, yes Microsoft is at least EQUALLY to blame since they obvisouly don't know what a "standard" is and how to actually follow it from one browser realser to another, but that is an entirely different rant...
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    Just make the timeout user choice. This having to relog in every 5 minutes is totally lame.

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