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    Smile DDOGamer’s Solution to the Epic Destiny Crisis

    I know how to solve the issues brought up by Glin's announced Epic Reincarnation.

    -> And I can describe the solution in less than 20 words

    Although I use more like 900 (of course)

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    Ok, you suggest we use option 1, but...

    Everyone get an Epic Stone of Xp which goes from 20 to 25,
    and adds to Ed xp as well as Epic xp for every ED lost.

    Geoffhanna, this is a circular process (hamster treadmill), but thanks for the idea, anyway.
    Listen to Patrick, he is smart, and I take his side on this one.

    There is no reason to take our xp away from us, then give it right back to us.

    Also you are failing to see the future when the level cap will be 30 and ed will be level 10.

    If you want that, just ask for Option 2, which is leave the ED XP alone.
    If it ain't broke don't fix it.

    Quote Originally Posted by Piloto View Post
    Just wanted to touch base with you all again on this. Your feedback during this early stage of development for this system has definitely been helpful. And I’ll reiterate that because we are early in the process, we haven’t locked anything down. Now on to some additional info.

    We have multiple goals with a system like this, such as:
    • Give players the new option of TR-ing at level cap.
    • Give players more things to achieve with a high level TR type character (like epic destiny past life feats and build points).
    • Allow Iconic Hero characters to use the reincarnation system.
    • Optimize the system to help people have a good play experience. (This is a tough one, because there are different opinions on what a “good play experience” is, but this could mean giving incentives to concentrate on different Epic Destinies than were played in the previous life, for example.)
    • And as a less design-oriented but equally important goal: If changes are needed that affect players’ current investment, compensate them for the changes.

    If we can arrive at a place in a given system where we can accomplish all or many of the goals in a way that is good for the game, short term and long term, then that’s a great solution. Many systems, however, are of sufficient complexity to make this a very interesting balancing act. But even with that complexity, it’s still possible to have a good solution. It just takes some time and iteration to get there. This was one of the reasons to start this thread and see what people thought about the new system and the first design proposal.

    So, here’s some more info on a couple of options we are currently considering.

    Option 1: XP “Bank” System
    When Epic TR-ing, a character selects one ED to bond and then transfers all other ED XP into an XP Bank that can be used at any time to level through heroic levels. Example: A character has five maxed ED’s at level 28. They Epic TR, bond one ED, and then get roughly enough XP to take them back to level 20 in their new life and still have, let’s say, 1,000,000 XP left over to use in their following heroic life (to use at whatever level they want). This option could also come with a onetime opportunity to bond multiple ED’s in one TR (to help those invested in the current system to transfer to the new).

    Option 2: Keep Epic Destiny XP System
    When Epic TR-ing, a character selects one maxed out ED that he/she will acquire the Past Life feat for. This Epic Destiny is then flagged. (Starting out, you cannot get more than one copy of each ED’s past life feat.) The character then starts at level 1, but all ED XP is preserved at whatever levels it was at.

    We are considering more than just these two options, but we thought you might like to know a bit about what we are currently thinking. Thanks again.

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    It is not circular, it is one-time. The player is not required to spend the Boxes on replacing the same EDs. If the Boxes are BTA, they could be used on any of the player's epic characters (or if not bound, maybe not even used by the player at all).

    I want the devs to have an Option 3: give us whatever is the most fun, without trying to create a tangled mass of old and new that will not make anyone hsppy but still be difficult to implement and maintain.

    I don't know everything about anything, certainly this is no exception, and my idea may well be completely unusable. But not for the reasons you've provided.

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    This is a terrible idea.

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