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    Default Freeper seeks slow-play guild with Rogues.

    Need a rogue more than mentoring.

    My character is a pure Elf Ranger AA because I don't like the concept of multiclassing. This is something they started in Second Edition and I see it as a step towards having a boring single race and class.

    It is good that so many people on Thelanis are helpful but I am doing okay except for the traps that often kill me in higher level quests.

    There are many good sources of information online and this has allowed me to build a fairly self-sufficient character.
    Thanks to the good information I have managed to:

    Complete Church and the Cult three times at L7 on normal to obtain my Silver Longbow.
    Complete most of Ataraxia at L7. [Obtained several L10 items that I could not use and sold.]
    Killed my first Beholder at L8 by shooting it from behind. It took about three seconds and exaclty twelve arrows. It was a nasty creature but killing it was easier than defeating the Mulmaster Beholder Corps a few years back.
    Have heavy fortification at L8 by combining Arlyn's ring with a free augment.
    Obtain melee weapons are a +3 Byshyk Longsword and a +5 Adamantine Stiletto.
    Find some nice Wraithskin that allows sneaking past most things if necessary.

    About the only thing I have not managed to find is a Deathblock item.

    My character can cast healing spells but chooses instead to rely on a healing hireling, 100 cure potions, and a healing wand.
    The character has evolved into one that can do well with a hireling in most quests but cannot deal with traps. Grouping seems the only solution since I can't afford to keep buying rogue contracts from the DDO store.

    My character goes slow because the fleshware component of the system is older. This means most groups go too fast for me to keep up. It is not that I am a "piker" but often just wind up wandering around lost wondering "where the heck did everybody go".

    So, of the 2400, or so, guilds on Thelanis, are there any slow-playing guilds with L10-ish rogues available that would take a freeper like me?

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    Default Hi Welcome...

    I'm also in The Silver Dragon Kindred and would like to extend an invite to come run with us. Most of the guild (about 10-12 people) have characters at different levels, and are on fairly consistently at 9:00Pm to 11:00PM EST. I'm one of several rogues between level 8 and 16. Thursday and Friday tend to be 'see who's on' and form groups that way at levels from 8 to 15. Other days, we try to run fairly static groups in the 10's; mid teens and 18+. We're generally conservative in picking quest difficulty, stick together and move at a comfortable pace. I'd also say we all don't have cutting edge gear. Having fun, sharing loot, no drama, it's the journey, not the destination.

    Also, see our website for a more detailed description.
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    Thanks for the invite, LeadHeros, I was having trouble finding other slow players since that sort of thing is rarely mentioned about the nearly 2400 guilds on Thelanis. I will seek you out when I am on next.

    The quests that are currently giving me grief are:

    L6 - Elite "Gladewatch Outpost Defence" [Don't know if quest scaling will make it harder with more people but little Miss Stupidhead just won't stop attacking everything in sight.]

    L7 - Normal "The Pit" [Apparently this one needs four people.]

    L8 - Normal "The Xorian Cipher" [Finished the west section with another non-rogue player but everybody died from traps going down the hall to the east.]

    L10 - Normal "Hiding in Plain Sight" [Soloed past the long swim of blade traps but was killed by an ambush beyond the next set of traps. Hireling died by another trap while opening a valve trying to get out of the area.]

    Of course I am willing to do any other quest but these four are the ones I have not been able to complete by myself.

    My gear is adequate for my level and I was not boasting about it but just pointing out that I am fairly self-sufficient. I should not burden others too much as long as the pace is reasonably slow. [Doing the Xorian puzzle was not too bad but the chaos orbs made rushing deadly.]

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